Baltimore Colleges: Where to Get a Degree?

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Maryland has a rich and diverse college scene, just like the geography of the region. And while the state has United States Naval Academy, one of seven US Military Academies, St. John’s College, McDaniel College, and many others, the city of Baltimore itself have plenty of options for earning a college degree. Before worrying on how to write my assignment for the application process, let’s go through the best colleges in the Baltimore area. Universities and schools have a long tradition in Maryland, and it should be noted that there are more than 53 public and private institutions in and around Baltimore.

Where to get a degree in Baltimore?

Higher education is a steppingstone for a successful career and better-paid jobs. Before applying to a college, go through its strengths and weaknesses. Check out the college ratings, and how does the rank align with your interests. After narrowing down your choices, it’s time for applying, and writing a compelling essay is one of the most challenging and essential parts of the process. If you are not comfortable or secure enough to write it, you could search for assignment help for students. It’s time to get back to our list of best Baltimore colleges.

Johns Hopkins University

Founded back in 1876, Johns Hopkins University is one of the best in the country. It shares 10th place with Duke University on the National University lists. It’s also high on the Most innovative school list, which is not strange since it is America’s first research institution. It has an undergraduate enrolment of 6,064, and it is situated in the City of Baltimore. Johns Hopkins has strict enrolment policies, and in 2018 it accepted only 11% of applicants. The tuition fees are $55,350. The University is divided into nine schools.

Loyola University Maryland

Private University, founded in 1852, has undergraduate enrollment od 3,879. It has excellent ranking in Best regional Universities North with fourth place. Loyola is a Jesuit University located in Baltimore. The tuition fees are $50,265. Academic programs are organized into three schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education and Sellinger School of Business and Management. There are 30 majors to choose from for undergraduates.

Coppin State University

Coppin State University was founded in 1900. It’s a public institution with an undergraduate enrollment of 2,362. The tuition fees for in-state students are $6,716, and it’s Historically Black Institution. The University has undergraduate and graduate programs like liberal arts, technology, teacher education, and others.

University of Baltimore

Since the 1925 University of Baltimore in the city center attracts students with an innovative education in liberal arts and sciences, business, law, and public policy. Their in-state tuition fees are $8958 while out-of-state students have to pay $21,076. The University of Baltimore is a public institution with a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,569.

University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Another Baltimore University that has an excellent national ranking. UMBC is 166 in the National Universities ranks. This is a public institution, founded n 1966 and with a sizeable undergraduate enrollment of 11,260 situated in a suburban area. The state tuition fees are$12,028, and it offers more than 40 undergraduate majors and more than 30 graduate programs.

Towson University

With a total undergraduate enrollment of 19,818 Towson University is one of the largest in Baltimore area. This public institution was founded in 1866, and with its long tradition, it has more than 200 clubs and organizations, as well as 30 fraternities and sororities. You could earn a degree through Towson’s College of Business & Economics, art department, College of Education and others. Towson is ranked 197 among the Best National Universities. In-state tuition fees are $10,198.

Bottom line

Other notable schools could easily make this list like Stevenson University, above mentioned St. John’s College and United States Naval Academy, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Morgan State, McDaniel College, Goucher College, and the list could go on.

There are other options like getting an online degree, and lot’s of community colleges and some from our list offer such possibility. The choice of college will depend on your preferred major because some programs are better rated on individual Universities. Take your time and study the offers from notable Baltimore region universities, before making the final decision.

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