Are Teens Still Hooked on Juul?

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Are teens really still hooked on Juul? The short answer is ‘not so much.” The truth of the matter is that many teens are switching to disposable vapes like PUFF. But in this article, we’re covering the Juul healthcare crisis from yesteryear a bit more in-depth to show why so many teens are still using disposable vapes.

Before: Juul Hooked Teens on Vapes

While the U.S. offers many brands of disposable e-cigs, Juul is responsible for the increase in teen vapers. The company controlled around 50 percent of the disposable vape market in 2019. But with that massive market share and much of the blame as to why teens are hooked on disposable vapes, teens are pushing away from Juul in favor of other brands.

In the past, Juul paved the way for other brands by promoting disposable vaping products as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. The company risked fines and product seizures with its shady practices.

Not long after this happened, New York banned the majority of flavored e-cigarettes throughout the state. Michigan and San Francisco had already banned e-cigarettes, as well.

These bans came as a result of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) reports. The regulating force determined that nearly 400 serious lung illnesses were caused by vaping.

The CDC also reported six deaths occurred due to vaping. Juul’s products were not the cause of these deaths. But the CDC still told Americans to “consider not using e-cigarette products.”

Even with e-cigarette bans to protect the nation’s teens, the popularity of other disposable vapes continued to decrease Juul’s hold on the teen market. The lack of oversight and regulation has allowed Juul to continue marketing but despite its efforts, many teens have migrated over to other brands like Bang, Crush, DripMore, and PUFF.

Juul aggressively marketed to young people with its implied health claims. But as the company’s teen sales dwindle, it’s apparent that Juul hasn’t satisfied teenage disposable vape preferences.

Banning the products could decrease the number of teens hooked on disposable vapes. But this action could hurt adults interested in quitting smoking.

Now: Teens are Hooked on Disposable Vapes

Even though Juul paved the way, other disposables are now coming out ahead. The reason could be the flavor limitations.

Other brands like Ezzy Oval, Gost Vapor, Helix Bar, and many others regularly come out with new flavors. These flavor profiles appeal to teens.

With impressive disposable vape flavors like Guava Ice, Blue Raspberry, and countless others available, it’s easy to see why so many teens have switched from Juul to other devices. This company simply doesn’t offer enough variety to maintain its position in the vaping industry.

Parents’ Outrage Over Disposable Vapes

Parents are upset over the prevalence of disposable vape use among teens, as well. These youths are becoming addicted to these nicotine-infused products. This can result in their grades dropping and social lives deteriorating.

Some parents believe that disposables are causing the entire generation to become addicted to nicotine. Even though Juul isn’t as popular anymore, the company triggered the disposable vape epidemic. And the popularity of other brands is still increasing among teens.

Last year, electronic vape detectors were installed in bathrooms across hundreds of U.S school districts due to Juul’s widespread use. The bathrooms were nicknamed “Juul rooms” due to the prevalence of these products. And some bathroom doors have been removed to make it more difficult to conceal vaping.

One issue that is believed to have encouraged teen use is Juul’s design. This company’s device is sleek and looks like a flash drive, making it easy to conceal.

Other disposable vape brands have followed suit. Unlike the larger vaping mods, these brands produce disposable vaping devices small enough fit in the palm of one’s hand.

What’s more, disposable vapes don’t leave a lingering cigarette smell. This makes vaping even easier to conceal.

Disposable vapes are also user-friendly; an inhale triggers the vaporizer to create vapor clouds. It’s an effortless way to vape, and this adds to the convenience of these devices.

Even though vaping helps adults quit traditional smoking, there’s no doubt that Juul’s availability increased the number of teens vaping. The FDA claimed that over 3.6 million teens were vaping in 2018. And in 2019, over 4 million American teens were vaping regularly.

Many of these teens have moved on from Juul. Most have switched to other brands as innovative disposable vape technology and flavors have hit the market. And while young people continue to vape, Juul no longer has a hold of the market as it did in the past.


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