An Announcement

Here I am

Redundant, an Andy Warhol poster

A few smears of new thought for variety


Here I am

Gripping an iPod

Pressing buttons

Sitting on a sofa

Cushion sliding out from under me

As I replay taped sex


Will they ever come?

Will they?


I look out the patio door

Notice the lit square of a neighbor’s window

Hear the passion but not the logic of argument


Yellow incandescent light

Breaks the darkness

Overpowers the whisper

Of blanching moonlight

Which I would have noticed

If Eden hadn’t been a fool’s paradise


Here I am

As religious, as romantic

As the belief in fiction allows

Truth is a drip

Of Jackson Pollack paint

The looping



Here I am

I say  again and again


For a really good plot

With everything summed up in the end


Like in a frame