Advantages of Using Custom Promotional Boxes in a Marketing Campaign

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The average promotional marketing team faces a number of obstacles when trying to get consumers interested in their product. In order to effectively introduce their brand to their core audience in a way that informs, entertains, and educates, they must first find a way to engage them in a way that stands out from the rest of the white noise in the space. Custom promotional boxed are one of the best ways for a promotional marketing team to build a strong brand identity while providing the information their core audience needs about the product they are offering. Here are some advantages of custom-packaging promotional boxes to get the right people to pay attention to your brand.

Unboxing Match

If you’ve been anywhere on social media lately, you’ve probably noticed a trend that’s showing no signs of going anywhere. From YouTube to Instagram, unboxing videos are a widespread phenomenon that can provide maximum exposure and recognition for your brand at absolutely no cost! An unboxing video is just what it sounds like: a video of a person unpacking a new product so that other fans of the product or brand can see its contents.

Since a custom promotional box’s primary function is to introduce consumers to a new product or service, or even to the brand itself, it makes sense that, if a promotional box was packaged interestingly enough to generate excitement and intrigue, unboxing videos would be made and shared over social media outlets by excited members of your target audience. This exposure could potentially lead to the brand and product being blogged about and reported on by industry heavyweights and consumer reviewers alike. This type of publicity can be a game-changer for an as-yet-unknown startup company or new product that has not gained significant traction among its core audience. According to custom packaging and promotional box leader Vivabox Solutions, boosting excitement with custom packaging, your promotional box stands a better chance of becoming the focus of positive buzz.

Make It Stick

People receive things in the mail all the time- and a good amount of it gets tossed in the trash or recycling bin! Sadly, a considerable number of promotional marketing materials never even get opened by their intended recipients. Creative custom packaging helps ensure that your company’s custom promotional box will be the one consumers open. People enjoy being entertained and pleasantly surprised, and they want to feel as though a specific brand message resonates with them. Custom-creating a standout promotional box helps you get your target market to tune in for a moment and receive your brand’s message loud and clear. With a creative approach to packaging, your promotional box will be the one that sticks with your audience long after they’ve opened it.

Custom promotional boxes can be the best way to get a new product to the intended audience while showcasing the originality and creativity of your brand. When you are custom-designing the packaging for your promotional boxes, be mindful of the end result your organization is shooting for, and you’re sure to land on just the right strategy!

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