Advantages and main differences of condensing boilers over other types of boilers

Apart from traditional direct-fired boilers, there are also condensing wall-hung gas boilers being sold on the market. Condensing gas boilers are heating appliances whose operating principle is to use the heat energy of the condensate generated by burning natural gas. In conventional boilers, condensate is not used in any way and leaves the heater alongside the exhaust gases through the chimney while their temperature can reach 160 °C. In condensing boilers, the temperature of the exhaust gases at the outlet is 50-70 °C.

Advantages of condensing boilers:

1. Up to 7 times less carbon dioxide (CO) emissions

Condensing gas boilers are environmentally friendly. Condensing boilers give up to 7 times less carbon dioxide (CO) emissions than conventional boilers.

2. Minimum noise level

Modulated cylindrical gas burner made of stainless steel provides a minimum noise level which is incredibly low for wall-mounted boilers (less than 38 dBA – like noise from the PC system unit).

3. Automatic control

Condensing boilers make it possible to install automatic control systems for simultaneous control of several mixing units and heating circuits. However, you need to remember that different manufacturers use different error codes. Modern boilers are usually equipped with self-diagnosis systems, which display various error codes in case of a malfunction. In other words, Vaillant error codes will be different from Bosch boiler error codes.

4. Compactness

The compact size and low weight of condensing gas boilers allow you to place the appliance even in relatively small boiler rooms.

5. Installation in cascade

Possibility of steady installation of several boilers into the cascade boiler system.

6. Gas saving up to 35%

The cost-effectiveness of condensing gas boilers is considered to be their most important advantage. It is achieved by a special principle of their operation which makes it possible to reduce gas consumption. Gas saving of up to 35% is achieved due to high efficiency.

7. Low-pressure operation

These boilers are able to work even with low gas pressure. In other words, it will give out the full power in conditions when traditional boilers cannot work at all.

8. Extensive depth of modulation

Even quite powerful condensing boilers are able to heat a relatively small area due to the extensive modulation depth of the burner.