7 Tips on How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

It is a bit daunting to clean your house from top to bottom, isn’t it? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. You can turn cleaning your house into a fun event with your entire family. If you’re on your own, get a friend over for some company. You’ll see how much easier it is. Then you’ll only need to have a strategy and take care of junk removal. You can find affordable services under this link.

1. Pick a Strategy

Before you start cleaning your house from top to bottom, you may want to choose a strategy first. Of course, you can also go on with it like a headless chicken. But you may not be able to finish if you keep running from one point to another. 

2. Begin With a “Room by Room” Approach

If you already want to clean your house from top to bottom, why don’t you start at the top? Take care of one room after another until you’ve arrived at the bottom. If you’ve got an attic, it’s probably stuffed. Don’t cringe at it and finally declutter your attic. 

You’ll probably find quite a lot of long-forgotten jewels but also lots of stuff for removal. Only keep what you truly need and treasure. Do away with everything else you haven’t touched in years. Put it into a bin bag to make it easier. Put into separate boxes what you could sell or donate. 

3. You Can Also Use the Category by Category Strategy

While you may actually appear like a headless chicken with this strategy, it does make sense though. Think about it: cleaning a house involves several tasks. Yet alone decluttering involves several categories, such as clothes, shoes, kitchenware, toys, books, etc. Then you’ve got other tasks, such as vacuuming and cleaning windows. 

You can simply take care of one category after another instead of going room by room. Declutter clothes in all rooms that have clothes before you declutter your kitchenware. After decluttering and removal, you go about dusting or cleaning the windows and doors. 

To make this one a little easier, make a list of all your rooms and make a note of each To-Do-category. Highlight like categories and pick one to start with. 

4. Try To Make it Fun

We all know junk removal and cleaning isn’t exactly a fun activity. Some people thoroughly enjoy cleaning. Decluttering and removing certainly aren’t on top of the list for anyone. Hence, you need motivators that make it a fun event. 

The first and best measure is to put on some music that lifts you up and gives you good vibes. Be it your favorite violin concert that makes you want to dance throughout the house. It could as well be some lively samba and salsa or dance tunes. 

The most important part of your choice of music is that you want to move with it. Create a playlist with your favorite most smashing songs of all time. Don’t worry, you’ll get done with cleaning and junk removal even if you’re dancing away with it. Skip the slow and sentimental tunes.

If your whole family can help, you could turn it into a competition. Every family member receives a task. When your kids are done decluttering their toys, they win a chocolate bar. Give them a microfiber cloth to clean the windows. Whoever is done first, gets a piece of cake or ice cream. The one who’s done first with his category or room gets to decide what’s for dinner and which game you play for family night. 

5. Set Yourself Some Goals

Just like in life it helps a lot if you set yourself some goals with junk removal. It might be a bit too overwhelming to simply aim at a particular deadline. Split up your cleaning plan into manageable milestones. For example, you want to have finished by the end of the month. How long do you think it would take to clean one room or do it according to categories? 

Even decluttering clothes might not be done within one day – if it’s a lot. Split it up into a task for two or three days and set it as a milestone. Reward yourself when you achieve your milestone. It could be your favorite dinner, a relaxing bath, or your favorite movie in the evening. Just don’t try to reward yourself with a shopping spree in the middle of a removal. 

6. Make it a Commitment

Setting yourself deadlines, goals and intermittent milestones is one thing. The other thing is to actually commit yourself to clean the house. None of your intentions has any meaning if you don’t act on them. Keep in mind, it will never be done if you don’t do it now. You’ll only accumulate more clutter and dirt which will make the task all the more difficult. 

Imagine what your home would look like if junk removal was already done. And how clean it’d be. Even if you’re someone who prefers some ‘organized chaos’ you definitely prefer a clean home, too. Visualize how much lighter you’ll feel when everything looks nice after the removal. 

7. Schedule Junk Removal Collection

It’s easier to clean your house once all the junk is out of the way. If it keeps sitting around, you won’t finish it. Make it a little easier for yourself and simply ask the professionals to come in. Just point at which items they shall take. Before you even realize it, it’s finished. They’ll even clean up the dirt that may occur during junk removal. However, you still have to clean the rest of your house.

Start with cleaning surfaces, do the windows thereafter, and then the vacuuming. It’s even more fun if you do it with someone together and time passes quicker, too.

Final Thoughts on Junk Removal and House Clean-up

Don’t overwhelm yourself and do just one thing after another. It’s always best to start with smaller areas as it provides you with a sense of accomplishment. That, in turn, keeps your motivation up. You just want to keep on decluttering for the removal.