6 Tips to Increase Footfall in your Shopping Mall

Due to the booming online shopping market, the footfall in malls has seen a crash which is a major concern for mall owners. On the other hand, the number of shopping malls has increased tremendously which means the competition is high hence you need to apply unique strategies to attract more customers to your mall which we have discussed below;

1. Remember Mobile:

Most shoppers spend maximum time on their smartphones, hence the best way to attract them to visit your mall is through sending them offers via SMS as statistics reveal that most people below the age of 45 make sure to redeem such coupons. Reminder messages can be sent to the customers to redeem the coupons as this increases the shopping frequency in the mall.

2. Bring Popular Stores to the Mall:

Let us be honest, we check the brands we love to shop from and then visit the mall which has stores of those brands hence you need to aim for the popular brands that shoppers love in general. Do not only rent out stores to exclusive and expensive brands as the public who can afford such brands are not much, instead choose brands that the majority of people love to shop from.

3. Hold Unique Activities:

Apart from shopping and dining, if you wish your mall to stand out then you will have to also provide unique activities to attract more customers to your mall. You can decorate your common area according to the festivals or arrange for entertainment programs there. Another popular choice that both adults and kids enjoy is the Animatronic Dinosaur themed area in the mall where the dinosaur looks lifelike. This will give your mall a very different attraction point and increase customer footfall.

4. It’s Not Just About Shopping:

Customers do not come to malls only to shop but also to dine out or watch movies hence aim to arrange for popular eatery brands in your mall to attract more customers. Also, tie-up with a multiplex so that people can also watch movies in the mall as customers prefer to shop in malls that have all these facilities as well.

5. Create Enough Parking:

One of the main reasons why shoppers may avoid a mall during the weekend is the lack of parking space. We have seen that most popular malls lose customers due to lack of parking space, hence provide enough parking space even for future purposes. When the mall gets popular, the footfall may increase exponentially, and you need to be prepared for that.

6. Provide Basic Amenities:

Shoppers who shop for hours need to use basic facilities such as restrooms and also may get tired in between shopping and would like to sit somewhere hence provide as many restrooms as you can on every floor for their convenience. Also, add enough benches for them to take a break before they continue to shop. It is also preferred if you can provide drinking water on every floor to increase their convenience.

Running a successful mall is not an easy task but if you apply the right strategies, then in no-time your mall will flourish with shoppers.