6 Benefits of Using Roofsock for Real Estate Investing

Image by monikazoran from Pixabay

If you are an aspiring real estate investor, you may have looked into buying properties directly, investing in REITs in the stock market, or pooling funds together with others to take on properties. With all the fees, upkeep, repairs, and renovations that go into property management, it may seem overwhelming and look like it has many barriers to entry.

Roofstock knocks down those barriers, letting you easily invest in real estate across the US. Their goal is to make real estate investing easy, in a world where it is unnecessarily difficult. Real estate is one of the best investment options around, do not get held back.

What is Roofstock?

Roofstock is a fintech company with an online platform that allows users to invest in real estate without ever visiting the properties. Roofstock’s core feature is selling single-family homes to users without them being accredited investors. It’s easy to make an account on Roofstock and start browsing for-sale homes right away.

Doubting Roofstock’s credentials? Well, they were recognized by Forbes Fintech 50 list two years in a row. If this does not demonstrate enough just how great their service is, check out this Roofstock review for more information.

If you are preparing to make the dive into real-estate, understanding the benefits that Roofstock provides can help you decide if this a good option to get your feet wet. Roofstock’s platform provides an easy start to real estate investing, with The Motley Fool referring to it as a great way to start small. Read on to learn more about Roofstock’s benefits.

Buy Properties Anywhere

With Roofstock, you can easily purchase properties all across the US. You are not limited to your local region. Do you live in Michigan and want to purchase a few investment properties in California and Florida? That is easy with Roofstock.

You can currently purchase properties in these 27 US states, shown in the below table.

Alabama Arizona Arkansas
California Delaware Florida
Georgia Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Nevada New Jersey
North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma
Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee
Texas Virginia Wisconsin


Within these 27 states, countless hot markets are waiting for you to invest in them. Even if you are already invested in real estate, Roofstock can help you quickly expand your portfolio across many regions, they even help you take care of the lease agreement in all 27 states.  Diversifying your real estate investments is one of the best ways to ensure great, positive long-term growth.

Technology Insights

Roofstock has been like innovation on steroids in the real estate space. Their platform provides users with useful technological insights into properties that allow them to make better, more informed real estate investment decisions.

Their industry-leading technology provides full property certification, neighborhood ratings, gross percentage yield, cash flow, and cap rate for each property that is listed on Roofstock. Additionally, it includes a full assessment of the property including:

  • Lot Size
  • HOA Yes/No
  • Flood Risk
  • Occupancy
  • Lease Start/End

With all the property and neighborhood information available at your fingertips, it is easy to make an informed real estate purchase.

Self-Directed IRA

Once you are chugging along and making lots of money on your real estate investments with Roofstock, you may be wondering what you can do to invest more and minimize your tax burden? Roofstock has just the solution for you- a self-directed IRA through their partner, New Direction Trust Company (NDTC).

Once you open and invest in an IRA with NDTC, you can rollover other retirement accounts into it and use the balance to fund more real estate investing!

Roofstock Guarantee & Selling

The Roofstock Guarantee has got you covered. If you are like most people, you want to minimize your investment risk. As such, Roofstock wants to make you feel confident in buying a property with their service, so they provide:

  • Lease-Up Guarantee- When a vacant property is purchased and not rented within 45 days Roofstock will pay the rent for up to a year.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee- If you are unhappy with a purchase, Roofstock provides a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Re-sell Property- You can re-sell your rental property easily on Roofstock, for only a small 3% fee.

Roofstock also reduces your realtor fees and commissions. Since they play the part of the realtor in the transaction, they can offer low fees. Make sure you hook your tenants up with great renters insurance to further protect your investment.

Roofstock Property Management

If you are interested in Roofstock, you may be wondering how you will handle and manage all the landlord tasks after you buy our first rental. If you are new to investing, you might be wondering- who do I manage a property I own in a different state?

Well, wonder no more. Roofstock will line you up with one of their preferred property managers! The property managers:

  • Are fully screened professionals
  • Carry out all landlord tasks
  • Live locally to your investment property

Having a property manager that you know is legitimate through Roofstock’s pre-screening process makes investing in properties even more simple.

Roofstock One

Roofstock One is a unique service that allows users to purchase shares of rental home investments with a minimum $5,000 investment. This allows investors with a small amount of initial capital to invest in real estate!

Your money is pooled with other investors to purchase one home. You can diversify across multiple homes and locations to mitigate your risk. Also, you do not have property management responsibility. Roofstock manages everything, you just invest your money! Easy, right?

If you tend to take a more passive approach to investing and utilize robo-advisors for your stock/retirement investments-  why not give Roofstock One a shot? It would fit right in with the “set-it-and-forget” philosophy you use in your stock investments.

Roofstock One is Roofstock’s response to Fundrise, another real estate platform that only manages crowdfund real estate investing. For a thorough comparison, check out this Roofstock vs. Fundrise article.


Roofstock provides an easy-to-use platform for investing in real estate across the US. You can be confident in your real estate investment decisions because of the many benefits the Roofstock service provides, such as the Roofstock Guarantee, self-directed IRA, property management services, and technology services. Also, Roofstock One, a game-changing real estate investment path, lets real estate investing novices tip their toes into the real estate investment ocean with low upfront capital.