4 Ways To Take An Outfit From Day To Night

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Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

The workday is over and you’ve got plans, but who wants to go all the way home before heading to see friends? That can be a lot of extra work and, depending on where you live and work, extremely time-consuming. No, the better option is to pick an outfit that can go from day to night, transforming from polished professional to life of the party, but you have to know how to execute it.

If you want to simplify your schedule and make more time for fun, these 4 outfits offer the perfect solution. By just changing your shoes or jacket, you can transform your outfit in a snap and get on your way.

Bodycon Swap

Most people don’t think of bodycon dresses as workwear, but they can actually look quite professional when paired with a blazer and more conservative shoes. Then, when the day is over, toss the blazer aside and swap the office shoes for thigh-high boots and your office outfit is now ready for a date or a night at the club.

Is it too cold for a bodycon without a jacket? No problem. In cooler weather, you can add a biker jacket in place of your blazer and add a little bit of an edge to your outfit without being weighed down.

Bye Bye Work Bag

When you head to work, what kind of bag do you carry? If you’re like many women, you tend to carry a hefty bag with your computer, an umbrella, and all kinds of other accouterments packed inside. In New York City, many women even swap sneakers in and out of their work bag at the end of the day so that they can walk more quickly and comfortably.

A big carry-all is fine for work and commuting, but you don’t want to be stuck with it when you’re out on the town. Ditch the big bag at your desk in favor of a leather crossbody bag that holds just the essentials. A smaller bag, in particular, will make your outfit less stuffy, while adding some personality to everything from a classic work skirt to your favorite pair of jeans.

Paint The Town Red

Sometimes the key to transforming your outfit has nothing to do with your accessories. Instead, it’s all about the makeup. If you’re already looking super stylish in your work life, simply upgrade your look with a bold red lip and a smoky eye. Your makeup makes a statement about the occasion, so don’t underestimate its impact on your fashion transformation.

That’s A Wrap

Wrap skirts are one of the ultimate day-to-night pieces because they tend to be longer – making them suitable for the office – but the wrap style is also a little flirty. To shift out of office mode, just trade out your usual footwear for heels or add some statement jewelry. A large necklace or bold earrings easily adapt this outfit for an evening out with friends or a cute café date.

Don’t waste time after work going home before you hit the town. You can easily carry everything you need to transform your look and focus on the fun. Now, it’s time to get through the day, because we live for the nightlife.

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