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4 Mistakes to Avoid While Using Electronic Cigarette

If you want to get the best experience in the use of V2Cigs, then take a close look at these mistakes and avoid them at all costs.

Coil burnout

You should make sure you do not burn out your coil because that will lead to a nasty taste. If you do not want to inhale the vapor that tastes like burn trash, then you would better keep changing your coil like after every few weeks. That way, you will get the best experience, and you will not be inhaling a blend of burnt metals and vapor.

Choosing the wrong e-juice

If you are new here, then you will need to be keen on the kind of e-juice that you choose. Most of the e-liquids will look pretty, and their prettiness should not blind you. Have a look at its contents keenly. The levels of the various components that make up that juice.

The luxurious casing should not sidetrack your selection. Let the various ingredients guide you in making your choice. Otherwise, you will end up buying an e-juice that you are not the best for you. The small print on the e-juice package can help you make a good choice but not the general aesthetics. Be sure to check the ratio of PG to VG in your selection.

Not paying attention to juice level

You do not want to inhale a nasty taste. This can be caused by heating an empty juice tank. You should make sure your e-juice does not run out. This may even lead to buying of the regular cigs to give you some satisfaction, and if you were vaping to stop smoking, then you may backslide. Always ensure you have extra e-juice with you. In case the tank runs out of the liquid, you can add more and continue vaping.

Keeping the electronic cigarette switched On

There are some people who say that they forget easily. You see, this is not good. If you leave your electronic cigarette burning, then it means that the e-liquid will get depleted, and it may cause the battery to run out of power. Next time you try to inhale, your kit won’t work. This may lead to malfunctioning of the various parts of the electronic cigarette.

Final Thoughts

As you draw close to the end of this post, you have found out that the electronic cigarette must be switch off once you are done with it. Also, you must keep a keen eye on the level of e-liquid so that you cannot run out without your knowledge. Lastly, always pick the right e-juice as per its specifications.

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