3 Highly Effective Ways to Calm Down Your Stressful Thoughts

It is human nature to think and formulate thoughts in mind about any case scenario or situation in life. Thinking is highly vigorous for the mind and body but can only be so if it is positive and assisting. However, the human has never been able to find a way to separate the destructive from constructive thinking and is constantly in a fight in his/her head.

Most people are born with torturous minds that never stop thinking and overthinking, and some are lucky not to be. Although over thinking maybe useful in several situations but the stress it can cause up there, can affect it gravely. So, if you think you form a part of the social animal group called, over or stress-thinkers, then the following tips can benefit you in toning down and relaxing for a change:

Accept and Confront

The first step to cure is always acceptance. Although stressful thinking is a problem many of us face, some tend to deny its existence. Instead of accepting it, some restore to anger or feeling anxious. Stressful thinking can be confusing, as some might relate it to having mental problems. Although overthinking can be quite normal and is fixable.

After coming in terms that you may overthink some things and become stressed about them, it’s time that you confront your thoughts and come to a conclusion. This is a healthy practice that can help you reevaluate your thoughts once they start to become a problem and not let them get the best of you by defining them and finding solutions to them quickly.

Eat or Drink

Whenever you think that your mind is exhausting you and you are being cornered to a stressful location, you can get something to consume to ease the tension. Yes, eating or drinking something healthy and soothing can help to relax the mind by benefiting the body according to research. Although stress eating can be very harmful, a better approach is to go for healthy edibles.

Whole-grain foods, edibles containing omega acids and vitamin C, can be helpful. These can include dark chocolate, yogurt, salmon, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Leafy green foods are also a fantastic source for calming the nerves. Various teas and stimulants like cannabis mixed with food or drinks, are a quick fix to stress. When you’re growing marijuana for your tea or diet, make sure to know when to harvest pot and weed so that the best yield is obtained for the best results.


There is nothing in the world that is more productive and helpful in getting rid of stressful thoughts than journaling. Writing stressful thoughts down on a diary or journal is a great way to let the stress out having all the thoughts in one – solid – place. After you write them down, you can go over your thoughts easily and detect the problem. Another excellent writing strategy is expressing about the good things in life. This practice can help you take your mind off stress, feel content, and relax.

If writing isn’t helping you that much, you can find people to share your thoughts with alongside logging. Find your trusted friends or family or people who want to listen and let out your thoughts; you never know what practical advice you can stumble on.


Feature Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay