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116th Maryland German Festival (with the Alex Meixner Band)

Agent M and I attended the 116th Maryland German Festival on Sunday 7/24/2016 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds!

When we went last year, we were only a few weeks away from our trip to Munich, so there was a lot of fun anticipation involved. This year, after having spent a week in Munich drinking and conversing with locals, I think we had a better understanding and appreciation of the culture, and perhaps as a result were a little disappointed with certain aspects of the festival. My main gripes were minor: some authentic Bavarian food offerings were conspicuously absent (no potato pancakes, cheese spaetzle, thin-cut radishes, red cabbage, currywurst, or Kinder Eggs!), and there were only two traditional herbal schnapps (one of which was Jager). It would also be great if there were more vegetarian options – it’s not too hard to find excellent veggie sausages these days.

On the positive side, the Dinkel Acker beer wasn’t something I’d tried before, but it was surprisingly good. And the music by the Alex Meixner Band was incredible! The guy is super-talented and obviously has a lot of love for the music. Hopefully they bring him back next year!

Thanks to:
Alex Meixner – http://www.alexmeixnerband.com
The German Society of Maryland – http://germansociety-md.com
The Baltimore Post-Examiner – https://baltimorepostexaminer.com

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