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Zak Jablow of Fox and ‘The Mule’ produce my latest song ‘AA’

I’ve had a great opportunity over the past few months to write about my life as a musician and my opinion on the creative process, the industry, and specific individuals.  I’d like to thank everyone at Baltimore Post-Examiner and all the readers for that chance.

I’ve mentioned multiple times in my posts that I’ve been working on something “big” with some great producers in Chicago, and I hope that something special comes from it.

That day is here.

Below you’ll find the link to my newest song, “AA.”  Produced by the award-winning Zak Jablow of Fox and The Mule, I  hope you enjoy all the time and effort we put into this production.

So please, listen, download, comment, share.  Anything.  I’ll be discussing the process in future blogs.

Thank you, and I’ll be back to regular postings next week.


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REED is a songwriter/producer out of Philadelphia, creating haunting music with a heavy emphasis on the specifics. Ben Reed, born in Chadds Ford, PA, began releasing his own style of Electro-Soul earlier this summer, and continues to produce tracks that infect your memory with catchy hooks enhanced by relatable, detailed lyrics. Reed is a self-taught guitarist and pianist, who writes, sings, produces, and masters all his own material. Formerly of an acoustic songwriting-duo, Reed played numerous shows along the East Coast, and gained a respectable following nation-wide via local radio play and social media sites. In late 2011, after moving back to Pennsylvania from a 2 year stay for a job in Huntington Beach, CA, REED purchased a new Taylor guitar and began writing music again, but this time expanding to a newer, unique sound by combining electro, soul, rnb, and pop. . Contact the author.
  • BmoreGansta

    BIG step up wit this track. im straight trippin wit this hot beat.

    do u have a album?

    1 world.

    • Reed

      Thanks Bmore, the support is much appreciated. I have one more song that I made with this producer, and I am currently working on an EP. I’m not sure if I will continue to release songs one at a time, or group them together in an album.