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Reader claims 9/11 was indeed a conspiracy

Dear Editor,

This is in regards to your Post-Examiner article “General David Petreaus conspiracy solved.” If you were to actually look into the 9/11 affair, you would learn that it was very much a conspiracy indeed. The manner in which all THREE buildings each suddently collapsed into its footprints at nearly free-fall speed (on video) had to involve pre-planned controlled demolition, as over 1700 engineers and architects have attested (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth )  No person who can think for himself and who becomes motivated into investigating the matter could believe otherwise.

Dozens of other connected explanatory facts all lead to the same conclusion: After learning well in advance of Bin Laden’s hijacking plans, from the Mossad, certain neocons in the administration and sympathizers carefully planned how to make it be successful and to be like a second Pearl Harbor.

The concensus is that Dick Cheney was in overall charge, in league with other neocons Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. Quite a few others, mainly Zionists or Israeli supporter-extremists, were let in on only particular aspects of the overall job. E.g., Zionist Jeremy Kroll and his company were in charge of security at the World Trade Center, which Larry Silverstein had purchased early in the year and insured heavily against terrorism; afterwards he profited by over a billion. In my opinion, Pres. George Bush was in on very little of it.

At first glance it may indeed seem unthinkable that anyone in our administration would promote such a dastardly and horrendous deed. However, getting  fresh public support for beefing up our military, especially in the Middle East, and for attacking one or more of Israel’s enemies had top priority for some, and required a new Pearl Harbor. Besides misplaced patriotism being responsible for this conspiracy having been whitewashed and dismissed, there is also the continuing fear of false claims of anti-Semitism by the ADF and AIPAC  against  prominent investigators.


Jim Deardorff
Research Professor emeritus
Oregon State University

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