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Learning a language through immersion

You must have heard the phrase ‘Immersive Learning’ and that it is a much better way to learn a thing rather than employing other traditional or modern methods of learning. So what is immersive learning? If you think that learning a language through immersion means that living in the areas where people speak that language then you are right in some way.

But, in modern times, the definition of language immersion has changed and has been modified in certain aspects. You don’t require to go abroad to utilize the concept of immersive learning. You can create an immersive environment at your place too. In fact, it is the best way for learning more than one language. Immersion is a way through which you can grasp and learn a language very quickly as when you start hearing a particular language repetitively; your brain, by default, and automatically picks up certain phrases and gradually you learn to speak the entire language itself. Repetition is very important as more often you hear people speaking a particular language; the more your brain will grasp it. The art of learning to speak is naturally hard-wired in our brain due to the long course of about thousands of years of evolution and development.

Psychologists have claimed that a young child learns the art of speaking a second language very quickly in an immersive environment where the language surrounds the child. A child, as his/ her brain is still developing, tends to pick up the words and phrases very fast; if the same is used repetitively around him/ her along with positive reinforcement. In fact, the more early a child gets into learning a second language; he/ she is more likely to acquire the way to speak it at the level of a native.

Today, if you join a language training class, you will find that everybody there will speak the same language around you which you are trying to learn. Why is it so? This is because the language trainers are trying to create an immersive environment for you so that you learn quickly and in a much better way than other methods of learning a language. In starting it will be very difficult for you to get it; but gradually; you and your brain will make efforts to fit into that atmosphere and one day you will become a part completely and that will be the end of your training class.

However, first and foremost, if you are looking to learn a language through immersion, a pledge is necessary that you won’t use your mother tongue. If you don’t have the will to learn then no technique can help you master the skill. You must have seen many people who go abroad and learn nothing of a new language other than ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi.’ This is because they didn’t try to. A sincere pledge along with positive efforts are of utmost importance if you want to attain a particular goal.

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