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‘Flash Mob’ send-off for Peggy & Minas (Minas Gallery)

Nancy Murray

Sunday afternoon was the time for the mega “Flash Mob” send-off for the co-owners of Minas Gallery, Minas Konsolas and Peggy Hoffman on The Avenue, in Hampden, Hon.

The gala event was organized by Baltimore Post-Examiner blogger Nancy Murray (above). Mercifully, she had plenty of help from the  some of the festive participants. [Too numerous to mention here.]

A few participants were placed inside the gallery to keep Peggy and Minas off-guard. Nancy planned every darn thing about the party, including: what music to play/sing; how to parade from Elm Street to the store and not spill your coffee; how to do a “flash mob” dance; how to blow on the kazoos and stay of pitch; what flowers to bring; and even what NOTE to sing on.

Mary Deacon Opasik won for her unique creation, which included three apples in the middle of a circular shape.  As for the reason for the outdoor party, a la “Flash Mob,” on the Avenue, Nancy said it was “to show our appreciation [to Minas & Peggy] for providing 22 years of cultcha and luv.”

The gallery, sadly, will soon be closing its doors. From everyone, we give a huge shout out: “Best wishes to Minas & Peggy ontheir journey forward.”

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Peggy Hoffman & Minas Konsolas

Peggy Hoffman & Minas Konsolas


Some of the Flash Mob doing their thing.

Some of the Flash Mob doing their thing.

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