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Dragon Boat Races hits 9th year on the water in grand style

Saturday morning under sunny skies, saw the launching of the annual dragon boat races. It was held in the harbor waters, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., off the Under Amour headquarters in Locust Point, (South Baltimore), near historic Fort McHenry.

This marked the 9th annual dragon boat challenge race. Under Armour is located directly across the harbor from Fell Point’s City Pier. The race competition takes place in the waters off of Pier 7, MPA, North Locust Point; to the waters off of the Domino Sugar’s Maritime Terminal.

In 1998, Under Armour took over the sprawling manufacturing site once owned by the Proctor & Gamble Company, the makers of Tide, Ivory, and other popular products. 

Under Armour is the “home base” of the Baltimore Boat Dragon Club, (BBDC), which hosted the annual event. Its members also participated in the challenge. The club, sports complex, is located at the foot of Haubert/Hull Streets, next to Under Armour facility. It has about 100 members and welcomes new associates.

Many dragon boat teams from Maryland, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania joined in the festivities today. The program underscores that dragon racing is a sport that is over –  “2,500 years old!” Take that Larry King!

Cheering squad!

The program for the event also noted that their “challenge” is now on the “ERDBA race circuit as a point race.”

The competition today hosted “a mix of corporate, city, breast cancer survivors and club dragon boat teams,” according to the program. They will compete in a series of 500 meter races. There will also be “5000 meter races,” and via an elimination process, a winner will be declared.

Under Armour also sponsors the Little League baseball field at Fort Avenue and Woodall Street, in Locust Point; as well as “Banner Field” at Latrobe Park. It’s fair to say that the company has been a very good neighbor to the folks of Locust Point.

(By way of full disclosure, yours truly is a native of Locust Point, who grew up on Haubert and Hull Streets, and learned to swim in the harbor waters off the foot of Hull Street.)

To learn more about the spirited Dragon Boat event, including the race results, check out the website.


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