Kasich: Frequent White House staff turnover has hindered Trump’s ability to governBaltimore Post-Examiner

Kasich: Frequent White House staff turnover has hindered Trump’s ability to govern

WASHINGTON- Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) said frequent White House staff turnover has  made it more difficult for President Donald Trump to effectively govern.

“You can’t keep putting new people in the lineup and think you’re going to win a world championship,” Kasich told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

Kasich, a frequent Trump-critic and former 2016 presidential contender, advised the president to “settle it down,” with regard to rapid personnel changes.

Kasich’s remarks come just two days after Trump’s chief political strategist Steven Bannon stepped down.

Bannon, who is widely credited with having engineered Trump’s White House victory, clashed with administration officials over a host of issues including Chinese trade policies as well as how to respond to North Korean nuclear provocations.

Bannon three days before stepping down aired those grievances in an interview with The American Prospect.

Bannon’s departure came less than three weeks after White House Communications adviser Anthony Scaramucci resigned, three-and-a-half weeks after Reince Priebus stepped down as chief of staff, and about a month after Sean Spicer said he would not continue as press secretary.

Bannon is the 15th person to either quit or be dismissed from the Trump Administration, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Trump as of Sunday has been in office seven months and has yet to achieve a significant legislative victory despite Republicans controlling both houses of Congress.

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