Baltimore women's vigil shows solidarity with Washington women's marchBaltimore Post-Examiner

Baltimore women’s vigil shows solidarity with Washington women’s march

On Saturday afternoon social justice activists held a vigil in Baltimore in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, as did several cities worldwide – producing record crowds.

More than 500,000 attended the D.C. rally – a record for protests. Baltimore did not have that size of the crowd but what they lacked in numbers they made up in energy.

About 2,000-plus strong, gathered on North Charles at 33rd Street around noon. A monument to Johns Hopkins, the founder of Johns Hopkins University stands on the campus of the school and fronts on North Charles Street. It was there, that the large one-hour-plus vigil began.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation of the Baltimore City Police Department, all vehicle traffic on Charles Street were blocked from University Parkway to 32nd Street. Also, 33rd Street was closed from St Paul to Charles Street.

In light of the inauguration of Donald Trump as President, the women of Baltimore, in solidarity with their sisters across the country, convened this action in the hopes of raising awareness about the issue of “social justice in the incoming administration.” They underscored on their F/B page, the need for “social, racial and gender justice” to be preserved and protected over the next four years. To learn more, go to the Facebook page. 

There was a lot of loud chanting at the spirited demonstration, songs were belted out, like my fave, “This Land is Your Land,” and there were colorful homemade signs and posters of every description. Plenty of children in the crowd, too, and I think, that most of them enjoyed every single minute of it. (I have the photos to prove it.)

One of the speakers at the event was the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, Marilyn Mosby. See focused on the topic of “Warrior Women.” See her remarks at:

Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby

Another speaker was social justice activist, Ralph Moore. His comments covered the famous ballad: “We Shall Overcome.” To review his reflections, go to:

I also interviewed longtime Women’s Movement activist, Loretta Waltemeyer.

By any standard, the Women’s Vigil in Baltimore was a rousing success. It ended around 1:30 pm.

More photos can be viewed on my Facebook page.

Loretta Waltemeyer on the Women’s Movement from Bill Hughes on Vimeo.


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