What Your Clothes Say About You

Fashion doesn’t just define those who wear it–it gives people a way to reinvent themselves and to let other people see how they want to be perceived. In fact, within the course of a single day, it’s possible to go from comfy workout clothes to a business suit that wows important clients to a vamp that owns their night.

An Armani suit enhances perception and lets your own a presentation in the boardroom. However, it can be hard to find fabulous clothing that lets you be outrageous and comfortable in your own skin at the same time. Daddy Couture accomplishes this for the LGBTQ+ community who adore its sassy collection of T-shirts, hoodies, and underwear. The raw logos resonate with those who have had to peel away layers to reach a place of comfort with their sexuality. Gay, bi-sexual, and non-binary rockstars want to make their own decisions about their body, including what to put on it.

Perhaps Daddy Couture’s decision to focus on relaxed dress clothing stems from the way they let the wearer breath and express their creativity. At least, that’s what a recent study shows.

What Your Clothes Say to You

A study conducted by Northwestern University delves into a concept called “enclothed cognition.” Researchers call it the systematic influence of clothes on the wearer’s psychology. Under this theory, people care more about what their clothing says to them than about them. What do your clothes say to you?

Researchers passed out white lab coats to those participating in the study, Some people were told it was a lab coat while others were led to believe they were wearing painting smocks. Participants completed the same tasks. However, those wearing a “doctor’s coat” acted carefully and attentively, meaning their actions were changed by what they thought they were wearing.

When Have You Noticed this Behavioral Influence?

You have probably noticed the same thing. Do you remember the last time you broke up with someone, lost a job or didn’t get into the college of your choice? Chances are a friend or family member came over to your place and made you get out of bed and get dressed. Perhaps you felt a little more motivated when you put on jogging pants to go for a run or dressed to go someplace fun or fancy.

Dressing a certain way triggers a shift in your internal self–the place you keep your perceptions of what makes you you. This is evident when someone receives a makeover and new clothes. They become confident and radiate a sense of well-being.

Daddy Couture

For those who were repressed at some point in their life, being able to express their sexuality and personality openly is a big deal. Enclothed cognition provides scientific proof that you should dress the way you wish to feel. Everyone who’s slipped on a revealing outfit that flatters their body knows the power of feeling sexy. Daddy Couture is an in-your-face brand that knows exactly what it wants to be and isn’t ashamed to help its customers scream that out to the world too.