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What Vitamins Are Best For Kids

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Children have different needs than teenagers or adults. Since they are in the process of constant growth, they need their essential vitamins and minerals to develop into strong and healthy adults.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the best vitamins and minerals for kids so keep reading!


Calcium is extremely important for kids as it contributes to their bone development. In addition, calcium is also essential for keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy. The greater the bone mass your child has now, the stronger their bones will be as they grow older.

Foods That Have Calcium: Dairy items, greens and salmon are all packed with calcium.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential in boosting and developing bones and tissues, as well as works effectively in repairing your muscles in case of injuries, and keeping your skin, eye and immune system healthy.

Foods That Have Vitamin A: Dairy products, and yellow-orange veggies like squash, carrots and yams contain high amounts of Vitamin A so make sure to add them in your child’s daily meals.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B includes B2, B3, B6 and B12. This entire family boosts your child’s metabolism and helps produce, as well as maintain, their energy reserves. In addition, this vitamin also enables a healthy blood flow throughout their body, which ensures their nervous system health.

Foods That Have Vitamin B: White meat such as fish and chicken, dairy items, green beans and soybeans carry Vitamin B, which enables your child to develop into a healthy and well-performing adult.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D enables your child’s body to absorb the calcium, which strengthens their bones. In addition, Vitamin D also functions in battling against old-age illnesses, helping your child grow into a strong adult.

Foods That Have Vitamin D: Sardines, salmon and mackerel are loaded with Vitamin D, which makes them great for your child.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for your child as it promotes immune system health. Since this vitamin also keeps the blood vessels clear, it improves the blood flow condition in your child’s body, which boosts their development.

Foods That Have Vitamin E: Nuts and seeds are great sources of Vitamin E including sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and even almonds.


Iron is extremely important as it allows the red blood cells in your child’s body to function optimally by carrying oxygen to each and every organ of their body. As a result, they remain healthy and active!

Foods That Have Iron: Red meats like beef and lamb are excellent sources of iron. In addition, darker green veggies like spinach, kale, and etc. are also rich in iron. Beans like soy and kidney are also packed with iron, along with other nutrients, which are great additions to your child’s diet.

While it is great for your child to receive all these vitamins and minerals naturally, it isn’t always possible for parents to achieve this. Not only are lives busier than before, but children’s eating habits have also deteriorated. Naturally, they are unable to intake their daily dosage of vitamins and minerals, which puts them at a risk of becoming fragile and vulnerable to illnesses.

In such cases, parents are advised to try multivitamins for children. Multivitamins are compact supplements, which fulfill the daily minimum required need for vitamins in your child’s body. This prevents them from falling into deficiencies, and maintains their health. However, multivitamins only fulfill the minimum criteria so it is still important to create a balanced diet for your child.

A balanced diet is the way to ensuring your child’s strong and healthy growth so make sure to incorporate all the right vitamins and minerals into their diets!


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