Valentine’s Day: Be careful out there

In times for Valentine’s Day, ranked the Most Sexually Diseased States in America. The report, released on February 13 2017, used a combination of STD data, local county and state health data, and social media surveys, to create a comprehensive look at the state of STDs in the US.
Maryland ranked  #24 on the list of states with the least STD problems.
The top 10 most diseased states in America are Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama.
The states with the least problematic STD problems were New Hampshire, West Virginia, Maine, Vermont, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.
“Everyone should enjoy themselves this Valentine’s Day”, said Trent Wilson, co-author of the research. “We just want people to be a little bit more aware and take the necessary precautions. The amount of STDs out there are staggering, and it’s all completely preventable.”
STDs reached an all time high in 2016, according to data released late last year by the CDC. Much of the rise has been attributed to “hook up” apps such as Tindr and Grindr. is an organization devoted to Public Safety, Online Privacy, Home Security, and Open Government. Their technology tools and resources are used by hundreds of thousands of users each to month. As part of their commitment to public safety, they constantly conduct new research to shed insight on issues that affect the public welfare.
The full research is available here.