TuneCore is proud to praise AmirMafia for his Big Noise single with a Platinum Record as one of the first Persian  Rapper’s ever win a Platinum Record

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With the endless opportunities the world of music technology platforms has created, individuals alike were bound to find unique ways to translate this tremendous tool into a means by which to grow their brands. Persian Rapper AmirMafia has already taken it upon himself and TuneCore is proud to praise AmirMafia for his Big Noise single with a Platinum Record as one of the first Persian Rapper’s ever to win a Platinum Record.

Rapper AmirMafia (Courtesy photo)

It is not very common that we hear of a rapper coming out and gaining mass popularity out of a third-world country. An artist’s constant quick development is a perfect example of how innovation can jolt and reinvent an entire industry. AmirMafia is the true embodiment and personification of such an artist who has gained mainstream popularity with his musical debut in 2003 and became well-known for his Persian songs.

AmirMafia, having found his calling in life, then began collaborating with a number of French and English artists. Hasrat Hall Konim, Run Away Forever, Big Noise, and Faseleha are just a few of his well-known songs. His unwavering path to popularity was aided by his distinct style, which includes multilingual lyrics, which not only distinguish his songs but also serve as a symbol of diversity and acceptance. Not only that AmirMafia’s extraordinary ability to link together ingenious couplets with double meanings, move within his own words, and stop-start all while bridging crazy rhyme schemes is uncanny. His unusual style of delivery – intellectual but effortless, is definitely influenced by his upbringing and roots. His father was a well-known violinist who performed with Googoosh, an Iranian singer and actress.

AmirMafia, with utmost determination, practice, and hard work, soon became one of the first Persian rappers in Iran. He always believed that Hip-hop is the soundtrack of the city and that only fresh talent can give a clear voice to the city’s (Persia) stories. His songs are not only a reflection of himself, they are an amalgamation of his upbringing in this Iranian city and how it molded him as a person, from childhood to now and for the times to come.

AmirMafia often talks about his rock bottom and how it served to be one of his greatest life lessons. It was back when his musical career was on the verge of coming to an end after eight years of dedication to his passion – When the sanctions for the job he did for a multinational corporation failed to materialize, resulting in the cancellation of his album and his prohibition on producing any more songs. Still with his unwavering zest to overcome and override such adversity helped him attain the popularity he deserved long back.

It’s no surprise that AmirMafia’s talent has led him to RADAR. And it can clearly be said that no matter how much time passes, there is little doubt that he will remain one of the sturdy pillars of the genre and culture.

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