The Best Military and Soldier Dating Sites with Veterans

When it comes to finding dating sites with veterans, and even military personnel, it can be somewhat difficult. There is a whole dating market there, however, but most soldiers are on base. And when it comes to soldiers that are looking for love, they often don’t want to look for love on base either (trust me, there’s a good reason). In this guide, we’ll give you some of the best websites out there for finding soldiers and even veterans, as well as other free solutions which can even serve as a dating site if you’re a soldier or searching for some.

  1. ZooskZoosk is becoming a more and more useful site when it comes to users dating, and it has various age groups you can search from.
  2. com– Match has been around for decades and has numerous users on it of all different ages, creeds, and more. They’re the most prominent when it comes to dating sites out there with complex algorithms. It also has a high amount of veterans that you can search for as well.
  3. com – Adult Friend Finder has been around for a very long time as well, and though it’s a site that’s primarily for “hooking up”, it’s a good way to find soldiers and veterans, as they are on there usually because they have a hard time looking for love.

Why Use Dating Sites to Find Veterans and Soldiers?

When it comes to finding and dating a soldier or veteran (primarily a soldier), you have to know the responsibilities you’re going to face. That alone is enough to make it hard on a soldier who’s training or preparing to go overseas. While you may have a long-lasting relationship, you have to prepare yourself because accidents for soldiers can happen at any time, and it’s their sworn duty to fight for your freedom at the risk of their lives. Many people don’t want to have this responsibility and want to accept this, but that makes it hard for some people to want to date military men and women.

As far as veterans go, other factors make things hard for them when it comes to personal interaction sometimes, due to many issues, from stress-related ones, all the way to PTSD and other issues. This doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love, but if you find a veteran on a dating site, you may find that they can talk on there a lot more freely than they do in person. Don’t take this to heart – there’s usually a very solid reason behind it and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.


The sites mentioned above are just some of the highest rated sites in the country, but with the vast array of users that are on it (both men and women), as well as how many soldiers and veterans are on these sites, they’re some of the best options when it comes to finding a soldier or veteran that you can eventually love. There are many more sites out there, and when all else fails, you may even end up using sites like Facebook or other social media sites to speak to and find veterans, whether it’s just to get together or start building a solid online relationship with good communication.

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