The Best fun content ideas for your YouTube channel

Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay

At the end of the day, it’s not about having the best camera, but how long you can keep your viewers entertained.

And you don’t need to succumb to remorse if you take someone’s idea to get Youtube views. Even the most experienced and successful YouTubers run out of ideas from time to time.

Now let’s start making awesome videos!

Ideas for children.

– Arts and Crafts.

Are you good at figure making? You can teach others your crafts and unique figurines that only you can make.

– Learn the names of colors with toys.

Teaching children in a fun way – this is what every parent is looking for. Teaching children colors with toys, fantasy stories and even animation – popular topic on Youtube.

– Show magic tricks.

Who doesn’t love magic tricks? There are many tutorials on how to do popular magic tricks. You can find out some of them and introduce them in your video.

– Ideas for games at home.

Sometimes the weather just isn’t right for a walk. Share your favorite indoor games. Tell your viewers about the rules of the games and why you recommend them.


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Ideas with friends.

– Prank.

Does your friend stay overnight at your house? It can be a fun idea to get your prank and camera ready for recording. Just do not overdo it, views are not worth friendship!

– Reconstruction of the cinema scene.

Get together with your friend, write down your favorite movies and see which ones match. Replaying one of the canon scenes can lead to extremely funny results.

– Make a competition.

Create your own challenge and ask your friends to do it. How do you know? You can start a new viral trend on Youtube!

– Introduce friends or family.

Once people get to know you online, they also become interested in your personal life. You can start by featuring your close friends and family in a dedicated video or on your daily blogs.

– Film a surprise visit to a friend.

Do you have a friend with whom you have long wanted to meet? Perhaps now is the right time for a surprise visit. Be sure to catch their reaction to the camera when they open the door and see you.


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Video ideas if you are alone.

– Training video.

These videos quickly became popular. This could be yoga or any other exercise that anyone can do at home. You can also shoot videos like these in the gym, but make sure you are allowed to shoot in that gym.

– Talking about something or telling about yourself.

Is there something that constantly annoys you, but you have to put up with it? Use your Youtube channel to get your thoughts out of your chest. Be sure to indicate what needs to be changed so that it is acceptable, and try not to offend others (although this is quite difficult on the Internet).

– Learn the language.

It doesn’t matter what your native language is, someone is looking for a video on Youtube to learn how to speak it. You don’t need to do a whole series of tutorials about this. You can just say the 10 most difficult words in your language or anything language-related.

– Make a video about the reaction to the show.

A series like Game of Thrones has become even more popular thanks to this type of video. They work really well when the show is trending. The finals of the season will be especially attractive.

– Discuss the history of the games.

Most people just record themselves playing video games. What about creating real content around video games? You can, for example, discuss the history of games in general, or talk about the evolution of a game such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Counter-Strike or any other similar.

– Objectives.

Make this kind of video not only for your viewers, but also in order to find yourself more motivation to stick to your goals. You can create stages and about update your video every time you reach a new stage. This idea can give you more than one video.

– Creative video.

If you are a creative person, you can make a video of your art. It could be playing a musical instrument, acting in a movie scene, painting, dancing, or any other creative activity you are good at.

– Talk about a charity that you think is really important.

It is also a way to help something that you believe in. Feel free to talk about what you think can make the world a better place. Even more, never stop trying to get others to help.

Favorite applications.

Have you downloaded any good apps lately? Make a video about them and share interesting apps with your viewers. Tell them what your favorite apps are for and how they can use them in their lives. The fastest way to grow your channel is buying subs on Youtube.