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Please read user agreement (as of April 6, 2012) before using our website. By continuing to use BaltimorePost-Examiner.com, you agree to abide by the conditions of this agreement.

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Posting guidance and contractual agreement:

1. Glad to have you aboard the baltimorepostexaminer.com.  By using and providing content to our website, you agree to be bound by all of the terms of this Agreement. The website is free at this time. The Baltimore Post-Examiner LLC, reserves the right to charge for access in the future. In such event, we will notify you in advance, and give you an opportunity to subscribe. Information about subscription-only portions can be found at BaltimorePostExaminer.com. We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement or to modify any features at any time. By registering for this service and/or continuing to use this product after the posting of notices regarding such changes, you agree to be bound by such changes.

2. You represent that you have read and agree to abide by The Baltimore Post-Examiner rules and regulations.

3. Our content is protected by copyright as a collective work or compilation under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. All individual articles, content and other elements are also copyrighted works.  By providing, submitting and posting content on BaltimorePostExaminer.com, a user is giving us the right to edit and publish content,  display such content and its affiliated publications and to distribute such content and use such content for promotional purposes. Any decision on taking down content will be strictly up to the baltimorepostexaminer.com founders.

4. (a) We are more than happy to see work reprinted and republished as long as credit is provided and a link is provided to promote Baltimore Post-Examiner. Seek us out for permission at BaltimorePostExaminer@gmail.com. In some cases, a fee may be associated with reprinting some material, including photographs and videos. The musicians and songwriters own the rights to the music and lyrics on the site. You must get their permission to use their work. The same holds true for the poets, serial novelists, and fiction writers and bloggers. Writers are to promote their content on our site and not promote  to a personal blog. Personal blogs are fine as long as the articles provide a link to Baltimore Post-Examiner. Content must be published on Baltimore Post-Examiner first prior to posting on a blog.

(b) A third party can not use material on BaltimorePostexaminer.com to advertise or promote products without written permission from BaltimorePostExaminer.com or the author of the published work.

(c) If  your copyrighted work has been reproduced on our site without authorization in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify our designated copyright agent either by mail to Copyright Agent, c/o Legal Department, The Baltimore Post-Examiner, at BaltimorePostExaminer@gmail.com.

5. You will be responsible for all charges incurred while your account is being used, if any, including charges for any goods or services. You are also responsible for all statements made or materials posted under your account, including liability for harm caused by such statements or materials. You may not transfer, sell, or otherwise assign your rights or obligations under this agreement.

6. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Baltimore Post-Examiner LLC, and their partners and contributors against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of this agreement.

7. This website is available “as is.” We do not guarantee that this website will be uninterrupted or error-free. There may be omissions,  and inaccuracies through this website  We are not responsible for third-party products or services that may be linked to this website, or for products that may be advertised by third parties . We reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions on the website. We intend to take reasonable steps to prevent the introduction of viruses, worms, “Trojan horses” or other destructive materials to this Service,  but we can’t guarantee or warrant that materials downloaded from this website do not contain such destructive features. We are not liable for any damages or harm attributable to such features. If you rely on this website and any materials available through this website, you do so solely at your own risk.

8. Baltimore Post-Examiner LLC and their partners, employees,  and contributors are not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including lost revenues or profits, loss of business or loss of data, in any way related to this service or for any claim, loss or injury based on errors, omissions, interruptions or other inaccuracies . Any claim against us shall be limited to the amount you paid, if any, for use of this service.