Ten Best Mattress In A Box Options in 2020

Guide to the Ten Best Mattress in a Box Options in 2020

There is definitely a good reason to replace an old worn-out mattress and box spring and enjoy the newest, most popular trend in mattresses today: a mattress in a box.

In side-by-side comparisons by Consumer Reports of the best-rated mattresses, 74 percent chose a mattress in a box over traditional mattresses.

In 8500 Consumer Report ratings, a mattress in a box was judged most reliable and excellent for back sleeping, stabilization, and durability.

Top Ten Best Mattresses in a Box for 2020

According to Consumer Advocate, the top ten best mattresses in a box include in order of ratings:

  1. Amerisleep

  2. Nectar

  3. Casper

  4. Ecosa

  5. Puffy

  6. Cocoon

  7. Loom and Leaf

  8. Helix

  9. Leesa

  10. Dream Cloud

Top five mattresses in a box according to a CNN review include:

  1. Amerisleep

  2. Helix

  3. Saatva

  4. Purple

  5. Casper

How to Choose a Mattress in a Box

Most individuals place a good night’s sleep as their number one priority when buying a mattress. This is usually related to ensuring proper back, neck and body alignment offered by a mattress in a box.

However, it is also important to review supporting recommendations from top experts in terms of mattress quality, reliability and features.

Learn the Features of a Mattress in a Box Before You Buy

A mattress in a box is designed and engineered for optimal sleeping comfort. This includes other features such as control of body heat and cooling and protection of tissue and muscles as you sleep.

Other features of a mattress in a box to consider before you buy include:

. Eco-friendly memory foam

. Firmness levels

. Full disclose of production methods

. Celiant network fibers

. FDA approved

. Length and duration of the warranty

The focus on eco-friendly products today is here to stay. Savvy mattress in a box buyers want to know if they are sleeping on an eco-friendly product. For example, the Amerisleep Mattress in a Box is one of few that offers eco-friendly memory foam that is plant-based and environmentally friendly.

The Amerisleep Mattress in a Box has several other features to compare to those listed as the top ten and top five best options for 2020.

Amerisleep features worth noting compared to others also include:

. A Soft Collection that is more conforming to relieve pressure points

. A Firm Collection less conforming for firmer support

. No new mattress odors due to hi-tech Variable High-Pressure Foaming (VPF)

. A generous 100 night trial period

. A 20-year warranty

. Five firmness levels to choose from

All of these features help buyers to arrive at the best options for their individual needs.

By reviewing the ten best options for 2020, mattress buyers can make more discerning choices that best suit their needs.

Compare the information about the company, its experience in design, engineering and manufacture of mattresses in a box.