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Shane Kersh (Kersh Family Law) Announces Brand-New Divorce Microsite

Individuals who are dealing with the complicated process of divorce or child custody can now take advantage of a brand-new online resource by Shane Kersh of Kersh Family Law – a microsite filled with advice pertaining to these family law matters.

The online resource, a new microsite, can be found at Through the microsite, readers can learn about how to navigate the many aspects of the divorce process in Texas, particularly a contested divorce – where both parties cannot agree on a key issue or on multiple major issues. Readers can also learn about how to dissolve a domestic partnership.

The microsite also teaches readers how to handle battles related to visitation and child custody, as well as what a move-away order involves. Other issues covered on the new site include spousal support, also known as alimony, and property division.

According to Kersh, family disputes can quickly become both costly and stressful for both parties involved. When young children are involved, the process can become even more overwhelming, as the outcome of the family dispute can have long-term implications for them. This is why Kersh decided to create a microsite on family law matters: Through the website, people can receive the information and help they need to make the best decisions possible for their families when disputes are unavoidable.

Over the course of his career, Kersh has offered hundreds of people the counsel they need to successfully complete divorce negotiations and achieve personally favorable agreements. His goal during each of his cases is to make sure that his clients assert their rights and experience the outcomes they desire. Along the same lines, his aim with his new microsite is to make sure that readers understand all of their options going into their unique family law cases in Texas or other states.

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