Sam Jacobs explains the 3P’s of Entrepreneurship

No matter how successful a business is, it entails a great deal of time, energy, grit and perseverance to establish a venture from scratch. Every entrepreneur needs to pour his blood, sweat and tears to take a flourishing business to the crescendo of success. This journey is undoubtedly arduous, and to streamline it to an extent, Samuel Jacob has come into play. This 18-year-old, young and vivacious entrepreneur is betting big on a confluence of 3P’s – patience, persistence and perseverance – to dictate the success of every aspiring entrepreneur.

Good things come to those who have the determination and patience to wait for it. According to Sam, one should remain positive and keep doing his hard work. Success will knock at his door sooner or later. Every entrepreneurial journey does have its ups and downs. You should be patient. Don’t rush to take over the world. There will be situations when you may face a lot of self-doubts. But, all you need to have is an indomitable spirit and a far-sighted vision to judge the efficacy of your decision in the long run.

Sam asserts that when it comes to entrepreneurship, persistence is crucial to overcome the major hurdles early on. Whether you are trying to clinch a client or another sale, you must be adequately persistent. It takes a lot to emerge a successful business owner/entrepreneur or CEO. The entire process pivots around countless calls, meetings, sleepless nights and hard labors. Irrespective of all the setbacks and obstacles that come in your way, it’s significant that you should not take your eyes off your goal.

Born in New York, Sam feels that as an entrepreneur you need to learn from your mistakes. No business succeeds overnight. It takes years of labor and hard work into building a strong platform for any business. Over the last six months, Sam has been able to generate over 1.5 million dollars in e-commerce which have facilitated him to help people worldwide.

According to Sam, to be successful, every entrepreneur needs to work hard extremely hard. As your enterprise evolves and matures, the hard work will be different.  But to taste success, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are more than their passion.

He says, “In any situation, you should never ever lose the vision of your goals and why you opted for entrepreneurship as a profession in the first place. Be courageous enough to take the onus of your success and failures, as that will set a good example in front of your team.”

Entrepreneurship makes you learn several things about life. It is an immensely satiating journey even if you do not reach your intended destination. However, the journey is often very demanding, and it takes a lot of patience, persistence, and perseverance to excel.

Sam is advising the aspiring entrepreneurs not to be taken up by the tales of instant success. Those are rare. Rather, they should ponder over the 1000s of others whose enterprise failed in the first attempt.

In a time where every business owner is trying to outdo each other, you should stick to the virtue of 3P’s to stay abreast the curve.