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Revenge Sex: Just do it

Is it ok to sleep with your ex’s friends? Hell yes!! You can totally sleep with all his friends (as long as it’s for the right reasons). #sorrynotsorry

Let’s be serious, there are a few valid reasons to sleep with your ex’s friends:

  1. You’ve finally found Prince Charming!  If your ex’s friend happens to be your Prince Charming, then it’s a total win-win. At that point you can even invite your ex to the wedding, he should be happy for both of you. It’s entirely possible to bond with your ex’s friend during your shitty relationship and form legitimate feelings when it’s over. #totallyvalid
  2. 4-Prince CharmingYou hate your ex and want to get back at him! Sometimes it’s nice to be able to exact your revenge and have fun doing it. If you use the revenge method, be sure to post lots of photos all over your social media, because even though you probably blocked your douchebag ex you know he still checks it constantly. #revengesex
  3. John Cusack and David Beckham

    John Cusack and David Beckham

    Your ex’s friends are exceptionally hot! Let’s just say if your ex is friends with John Cusack or David Beckham, why have you waited this long to leave Director Douchebag for Captain Perfect? Unfortunately, your ex’s friends are probably not that hot. In that case please go back to valid reason #2. #teamcusack

  4. Jaimie Beebe — Cheater

    Jaimie Beebe — Cheater

    You already cheated on him with his friend when you were together, so why not!? If you slept with your ex’s friend before he was your ex then you’re a cheater. If you cheated on your ex and he never found out, then I suggest starting a blog and telling the whole world about it. If that doesn’t give you the satisfaction you need, then go ahead and sleep with him again. #cheaterswin

  5. 1-YOLO-JESUSYou found his friend on Tinder! If you found his friend on Tinder and happen to slide his hotness to the right, then he’s totally fair game. No one can fault you for falling in love on Tinder; millions of people have been doing it for months. #tinder

I’m sure there’s a lot of people that would disagree with me and say it’s not cool to have sex with your ex’s friends, but … YOLO!  #longhairdontcare

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  1. ColmanWebster says:

    This is one of these women who will end herself at 50, because she will wake up to the floor falling from underneath her as she realizes that her politicized narcissism never actually made her happy, and that she will die broken and alone inside, never married and with no children.


  2. Sam Rosenbalm says:

    This is foul. Where is the decency in the world? Bring back the white male Patriarchy in all it’s glory, for the love of God.


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