Possible Career Options for a Masters in Business Administration

A business degree can fit in all types of industries and sectors, be it fashion, media, corporate sector, banking, advertising, marketing, trading or even house management. No matter which sector or industry you are aspiring to work in, a corporate business degree can secure you a great career. All corporate sectors are always in need of skilled financial managers, leaders, strategists, and learned people who are familiar with the marketplace and marketing strategies. They can not only help businesses stay relevant in the competitive market but also assist them in building a strong connection with their targeted audience.

An online MBA program can lead you to the heights of success. As business degree includes courses like economics, business management, banking system, financial assistance, consultancy, business specialization, human resources, business practices, law, marketing strategies, and business models. No matter at which level you are standing in your career, a business degree can help you to evolve greatly. And if you are restricted by your job, then consider taking admission in an online MBA degree program. In recent times, the education sector has evolved greatly and made the learning process a lot easier. By online degree programs, you can unlock all the available courses and learn from the comfort of your place.

If you are thinking about getting yourself a business degree or have already studied one but still confused about career options, then make sure to consider all these following courses so you can make an informed decision:

  • Accountancy

  • Advertisement

  • Banking and financial assistance

  • Management consultancy

  • Retail management

  • Chief technology officer

  • Financial management

  • Human Resource management

  • Health management

  • Investment banking

  • Information technology management

  • Sales management

According to the most recent study, almost 75% of employers are looking for MBA graduates to hire. Moreover, the poll of employers suggests that the demand is going to rise with the coming years.

But what type of MBA course should you get in? Because there are a number of business diplomas and subjects that vary in nature and offer completely different career choices;


MBA in information technology management enables you to manage and conduct operations that help the company to develop its technical area. Companies need to be advanced and up to date so they can run their operations more effectively. In this sector, the salary ranges from $135,700. Also, it depends on which career level you stand right now.


Whether it is the banking sector or a marketing department, financial assistance is a need of all companies. If the finances are not well managed then the income and outcome cycle will not be able to run efficiently. Therefore, this degree can take you ahead in your career and secure the most promising future prospects both International and at the national level.

The salary range is quite attractive and can save you big bucks. It almost ranges from $120,750 per annum.


Healthcare businesses hold a number of departments and can only run their system smoothly if efficient in managing the operations. And for that, they need skilled staff members who are informed about healthcare management, administration, and services.

Their annual salaries range from $95,450. The sector is growing fast and superseding the other sectors.


With this degree, you become efficient at running industry-specific operations. Because this course helps in driving the industry-specific system. By becoming a consultant, you help to build a direction that eventually assists in handling the business and marketing sector more accurately and effectively. In this way, businesses adjust their rules and regulations and organize both online and offline marketing. In this job, consultant managers report back to chief executive officers and chief technology managers. Additionally, in order to hold a good position, a master’s degree in MBA is a must.

For this sector, salary ranges from $80,130 annually.


Be it an advertising agency or a real estate agency, banking and financing is a major part of the business. It helps grow business by buying profitable stocks, securities, shares and assist in making secure investment decisions.

The annual salary for bankers and financial assistants is hard to establish however median rate suggests that it is around $78,450 per annum.


Without having any clients and customers, businesses cannot succeed. You need to sell your services otherwise the business ends up in vain and the investment will be of no use. Marketers are there to help you deal with this problem and establish a clientele to make you able to raise the profit margin. This is why MBA holders who specialize in marketing are in huge demand. Most of the employers invest a great deal in the marketing department than in any other area. In this way, they are able to advertise their businesses most effectively and earn the profit margin that no other department can secure. Because clientele for any organization is its major asset. And without them, no business can even make it to a day.

Considering their demand, the median annual salary ranges from $120,750.


Do you own a business but not familiar with the sales and marketing strategies? Then you need to hire a sales manager. And this is where all the sales managers can utilize their MBA degrees. They are proficient in sales department and helps in picking out the problems that are hurdling your way to smooth sales and purchasing procedure, recommend the best purchasing methods, create most targeted marketing strategies, set specific aim and objectives, analyze the new trends, evaluate the demand and need of the client, and develop programs that assist in running the sales department and operations most effectively.

The average annual salary of this sector ranges from $120,000.

Final Thoughts

These are the number of career pathways that an MBA degree holder can choose. The risk factor is very low because the avenues are great in number and one can find the right place very easily. As all sectors and industries demand a specialized MBA person because the future of their business and your career success goes hand in hand.