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A Poem About Lost Friendship

She was lost and lonely and

You found her


She was funny and spirited and

You liked her


She was smart and witty and

You smiled at her


She was awkward and loud but

You befriended her


She was not always easy to be around but

You championed her


She was not always invited by others but

You added her


She was often talked about but

You supported her


She repeatedly went too far but

You were a crutch for her


She was often laughed at but

You sheltered her


She was rude and clumsy but

You embraced her


She was socially inept but

You defended her


She was rude behind your back but

You kept on being nice to her


She had no idea what people thought but

You thought the best of her


She was depressed and sad but

You were there for her


She was ungrateful and mean but

You helped her


She was draining and abusive but

You believed in her


She was angry and rude but

You tried to balance her


She was jealous and bitter but

You were gracious to her


She was hurtful and spiteful but

You always saw the best in her


She said too many things that friends just don’t say and

She did too many things that friends just don’t do and

You reached the end with her.


About the author

Claire Bolden

Claire Bolden McGill is a British expat who lived in Maryland for three years and moved back to the UK in August 2015. Claire wrote about her life as a British expat on the East Coast and now works in travel and hospitality PR in the UK. She still finds time to blog about her repatriation and the reverse culture shock that ensued - and she still hasn't finished that novel, but she's working on it. You can contact Claire via twitter on @clairebmcgill or via her blog From America to England. Contact the author.

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  1. EmmaK says:

    Like it! I know what you mean….been there done that! Some people are just toxic.

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