Overcoming Common Entrepreneurial Challenges – Insights by a Top Serial Entrepreneur, EJ Dalius

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It is a common misconception by people wanting to quit their office jobs for the freedom of running their own ventures that all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur is a transformational product or service concept. Unfortunately, countless wannabe entrepreneurs have discovered to their dismay that it can take a lot more to convert an idea into a mountain of cash in the bank. A quick look at a few common challenges that entrepreneurs encounter that can spell trouble to their dreams of being successful.

Managing Your Time Efficiently 

Establishing a startup and running it involved doing countless activities. During the initial days, you will have to take charge of all the decisions ranging from product development to identifying office and manufacturing facilities, conducting market research, arranging funding, and marketing and promoting the product, and more. Since you will also need to devote time to essential backend and administrative tasks, things can get really difficult. One thing is for sure that you will never have enough time to do what it takes to make the business successful all by yourself. You need to be able to prioritize the activities according to the short-term and long-term objectives, undertake the critical ones, and delegate the rest. A successful serial entrepreneur, EJ Dalius, suggests in https://baltimorepostexaminer.com  that you should try to resist being a control freak.

Developing a Viable Marketing Strategy 

Unfortunately, since no products are universal, you need to identify the target audience for your product or service, warns, Eric Dalius, a well-known serial entrepreneur. Once you can know who your most potential customers are, you should try and get to know their personas, including their buying behavior and the channels they are on. This will help you to put together an effective marketing strategy that can address them and build long-term engagement with them. Your objective should be to enhance your brand awareness and extol the virtues of your product for meeting real customer needs better than the competition so that when a customer does decide to buy, he will choose your product over the others available. Remember customer needs and preferences are dynamic and very easily influenced by multiple factors outside your control. This is the reason why your marketing plans should also be flexible as well as attainable.

Not Being Able to Disconnect Can Be a Deal Breaker, Observes Eric J Dalius

While it is true that without being passionate about your business and putting in a huge amount of effort, no entrepreneur can hope to succeed, it is also true that by spending months on the job without any break can only lead to burnout. Your business is likely to survive longer if you develop a second level of managerial expertise that can hold the company together competently in your absence. To prevent yourself from being exhausted and dysfunctional, you should take a break from work. Try not to keep on managing the show when you are away but make sure that you can be reached for consultation.


Making success out of your startup requires much more than a good idea. Indeed, it is a culmination of a lot of effort in envisioning the business and making well-informed strategic choices and planning. Making the least number of mistakes by learning from others can help significantly.