New iPhone hits stores in September

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The new iPhone is coming out it September.  The announcement date  and the preorder date is expected to be September 12th and  the iPhone will hit  stores and in your pocket by September 21.  This means that the new iPhone is a little more than a month ahead of their usual schedule.

Every year we get a healthy or in some cases unhealthy amount of rumors about the new iPhone.  This one is no exception.  There have even been a abundance of rumors hinting about a iPad mini (or whatever they call it).

The only thing that we know for sure is that it will be using Apple’s newest IOS 6 that was announced a few months ago and will be available for most iPhones this fall.

Let’s get down to business and break down the major changes that are expected for this phone.  Let’s start with the features that will be on the new iPhone and then move into a few that I would like.

Smaller Dock Connector

As phones are getting smaller so are the parts on them.  For this reason, Apple said it will be replacing the dock connector in the bottom of the iPhone with a much smaller one.  This means that all those iPhone accessories and chargers that you have laying around are not going to be usable without an adapter.

Bigger Screen

The size of the iPhones screen has always been a huge criticism for Android fans and even some of Apple’s most loyal fans.  I have tried phones with much bigger screens (HTC one x) and to be honest I feel that it made using my phone a bit awkward.  Even so I believe that in some way the iPhone will be bigger and most likely it will be taller vs. wider.  One of the most exciting rumor is the new gorilla two glass is said to be on the new iPhone.  Not only is this glass thinner and lighter but it is also quite durable.  Bellow is a video of just how durable this glass really is:


To be honest with you I am more excited by the fact of a thinner phone then a bigger screen.  Apple just got a patent on a new LCD screen technology that will reduce the space taken up by the screen (were talking about half a millimeter).

Battery Life

I keep a phone charger in several rooms of my house along with one in my car and one at my work.  This makes sure that my iPhone is always charged. There have been rumors though of a improved battery but I am pretty sure you will still need just as many chargers in your life.  With all the new features added to IOS 6 and the rumor of 4G LTE, you will be looking for chargers just as fast.


You may have seen the pictures of what is rumored to be the new iPhone.  From the look of it they have made some not so subtle changes to the look.  The first thing to come to mind is that they removed the glass on the back and replaced it with what looks to be a 2 toned aluminum back.  This could be a uni-body, similar to what you see on the macbook pros.
No matter what Apple decides to add or change about its new phone it is pretty definite that lots of people will buy it.  Some have even estimated that it will sell between 26-28 million in the quarter.

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