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Maryland’s Public Defender calls to remove Judge Robert Nalley

Maryland’s Public Defender has called upon the state judiciary to remove Charles County Circuit Court Judge Robert Nalley from the bench after he ordered a defendant to be shocked in court.

The order comes after the Baltimore Post-Examiner first reported the incident on Aug. 18. Nalley issued the order during a July 23 trial involving Delvon L. King, 25, of Waldorf.

Nalley orderd an officer to administer an electrical shock after King questioned the court’s jurisdiction in his case. Instead of answering, King’s question, Nalley resorted to having the defendant shocked.

The Public Defender’s Office obtained a copy of the transcript, which they said it is “consistent with the Post-Examiner article.”

Delvon King, 25. (Photo provided  exclusively to Baltimore Post-Examiner)

Delvon King, 25. (Photo provided exclusively to Baltimore Post-Examiner)

“Stop,” Nalley said, according to the transcript.

“… principles of common right and common reason are …” King said.

“Mr. Sheriff … ” Nalley said

“… null and void,” King continued.

“…do it,” Nalley ordered. “Use it.”


The Baltimore Post-Examiner reported the officer pressed a button that sent a shock to King’s leg. The defendant screamed, crumpling to the ground in pain. King who was representing himself had been arguing a point of law when Nalley ordered the officer to shock him.

“What the judge did here was unconscionable, ” said Public Defender Paul B. DeWolfe.  “The infliction of physical pain to silence a person is unacceptable anywhere, especially when it is done in the court of law at the direction of the very person whose job is to protect people’s rights.”

It’s not the first time Nalley crossed the line, the Public Defender’s office pointed out. Nalley deflated the tire of a courthouse cleaning lady’s Toyota in 2009 because she parked in a space where he usually parked. Nalley retired in 2013, but has been allowed to return to preside over some cases.

“No one who treats people like this should be permitted to serve as a judge,” DeWolfe said. “It is time for the Judiciary to remove him.”

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