Learning About CBD Supplements The Informed Way

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CBD is medically proven to help with a wide variety of medical and emotional concerns; however, because the industry is relatively new – and relatively crowded in some locations – it’s important to know what questions to ask prior to purchasing a CBD product.  It’s also important to know that not all CBD products are the same.  VIVE CBD is a company based out of Michigan that focuses on educating their customers about the differences in CBD products and how to best use them.

For those that are new to the world of CBD products, CBD can be put in any food or taken by itself in a tincture-format.  It can also be put in gels, creams, oils, and more.  Most companies offer CBD products in multiple forms.  VIVE CBD only uses the highest quality, organic ingredients in their products.  For example, when it comes to gummies, most companies spray coat them.  VIVE infuses the CBD into their products with natural juices and other flavors instead of pure sugar.  The company is conscious that many customers may have concerns about their sugar intake, so they formulate their products specifically, so clients don’t have to worry about additional sugar being added to their diet.

When comparing CBD products, it’s important to compare apples to apples.  In other words, you need to know what type of CBD you are looking at, where it comes from (the plant), how it is processed, whether it was third party tested for efficacy, the results of that testing, and more.  It’s also important to learn about the company behind the product and how they store and sell their products.

Asking about dosing and how to dose is also important.  Not all CBD products are dosed the same way, and in fact, a prescribed dose can change depending on the time of day you take it.  For example, if you are taking CBD for focus your dose may be one thing; for sleep, it may be another. Other questions to ask include whether the CBD has been infused into or sprayed on a product.  The absorption rate and the efficacy of the CBD can change in your system based on how it is made.

This may seem like a lot to learn about supplements, but these questions are designed to help you get the best possible result from the CBD you take.  Globally, the positive effects of CBD have been proven time and time again.  In fact, CBD has been used in traditional and non-traditional medicine for years.

Now, on to a common misconception about CBD.  THC and CBD are not the same thing!  While THC is the chemical element in marijuana that causes the “high”, it is not present in CBD unless it is added after the fact.  VIVE CBD products do not have THC in them, and in fact, their labels clearly say “THC FREE” on them.  CBD is powerful on its own, it doesn’t need THC to work.

CBD is recommended for many medical and emotional challenges, but before taking CBD or embarking on a CBD plan, it’s always good to ask your doctor about it.  CBD isn’t about getting high or changing the way we function; instead, it’s about helping us function more optimally. All VIVE products are made with that understanding in mind.

If you’re just learning about CBD here or if you’ve had good results before with it, it’s always good to learn more about a product before using it.  CBD is a supplement that works when taken properly.  It can help everything from chronic pain to stress and anxiety, but only with the correct products, dosing, and timing.  For readers that are looking for an organic, naturally flavored line of products that are workhorses, VIVE CBD offers the best of everything – from education to efficacy.

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