Kersh Law Firm – What Skills You Need To Be a Great Lawyer

If the ideal career for you is to be an attorney you first need to make sure that you possess the skills which all good lawyers have. I asked a couple of friends of mine who work and the brilliant Kersh law firm, to break down exactly what skills all great lawyers possess. All the very best lawyers have a certain core set of skills which they have in common and if you really do have dreams of pursuing this as a career one day, here are the key skills which you are going to need. 

Communication Skills

A great lawyer should be orally articulate and combine this with solid writing skills. Furthermore, it is important that a great lawyer knows how to listen, a side of communicating which so many seem to forget about. Lawyers must be able to speak clearly and succinctly in the courtroom to jury and judge, they must also be able to use their communication skills for the highly important legal paperwork which needs to be completed. 


Analytical skills are vital for any lawyer both in law school and once they embark on their career. Lawyers must be able to process huge amounts of information and they should be able to pick out the key points quickly from this information. A lawyer must also be able to use these analytical skills to find a reasonable conclusion when there is conflicting information. 

Ability to Persuade

One of the biggest roles which a lawyer has is persuading the courtroom that the case which they have built is the right one. In order to do this, a lawyer must be able to understand all sides of the argument and use that to their advantage when they are arguing their side. Whether convincing the legal team that their strategy is best or convincing the jury that their client is innocent, the ability to persuade is one of the most important that a lawyer has. 

Research Skills

Being a lawyer is about far more than standing in the courtroom and speaking publicly about their case, they must also be able to work in any part of the team and this is why research skills are going to be so important. Researching is the foundation of any case and this is going to involve gong through many historic cases and finding precedent which pertains to their own case. For this reason, a lawyer must be able to use both their analytical skills and their research skills in order to get through the work and bring the most important information forward to the rest of the team. 


The very best lawyers also have empathy and it is this which helps them to become as great as they are. Lawyers are not robots and the cases which they cover can be quite extreme and affect lives greatly, for this reason, a lawyer must also understand the importance of being empathetic.