Improve your writing skills using 5 simple tips

Writing plays an important role in our life, from writing school essays, motivation letters and CVs to sending a significant number of emails at work. That is why, good writing skills are valued in the modern workplace, and good writers appear to be more intelligent and responsible. No one wants to get an email full of typos and grammatical errors. However, some people still ignore the importance of it, even though good writing skills can positively affect their careers.

You don’t have to hold a degree or to be a published author in order to write well. Here are 5 tips on how to be a good writer.

1. Read more

This tip will be especially useful for non-native speakers. Read every day and remember that consistency is crucial if you want to gain a skill. Go through a couple of books, and you will see that correct grammar is starting to come out automatically as you write. Read carefully, deeply and look closely at the structure of the sentences. It will help your English writing skill to improve in no time.

2. Always proofread

You must always proofread your writing before sending it. You can easily correct a few mistakes and avoid sending an unprofessional work. Just read the piece out loud. It will help you to catch the basic grammatical errors. You can also ask someone for a critique. A neutral pair of eyes can ensure that your ideas are universally understood. If you don’t know anyone who could help you with it, then check out There are lots of professional writers who are ready to help you with your writing and offer advice. Always, always proofread your work!

3. Get to the point

Your writing should have a clear message. It must be easy to read and reach more people. Remember that classic essay composition format? It includes introduction, body, and conclusion. This format still works. You should also cut out filler words, like just, as a matter of fact, or rather. These words are unnecessary, and they don’t add any meaning. If your sentence works without any of these words, then you don’t need them at all. Write and improve. That is the rule!

4. Keep it simple

You might want to show all your amazing vocabulary, but it is always better to keep it simple. It will make everything you want to say easier to understand. Also, no one has time to read a long piece of writing. Readers are lazy. Just put your most important point in the first sentence, if you are writing an email. In the name of simplicity – keep your words simple and your sentences short!

5. Install an app

The most popular app that can help you improve your written communication skill is Grammarly. This app will make sure that your writing is mistake-free, grammatically correct and easy to read. It scans your text and makes suggestions about where to make some changes. You can learn from it and make fewer mistakes next time. It also has a plagiarism checker.

Today more professions require good writing skills than ever before. Those skills can open many doors and opportunities for you. All the CVs and cover letters that contain grammatical errors go straight to the rubbish bin. Hence, being able to express yourself well sets you apart from the crowd.

Whatever you are doing, developing your written communication skills will only benefit your career. Check out one of these five tips and try to include them in your daily or weekly routine. And let’s be honest, you are never too busy to improve your writing. Practice makes perfect. And the first step is just getting started.