How to Become a Fashion Industry Influencer

If you’re looking to become an influencer in any realm, you’re likely wondering where to start, and, if you’re looking to become an influencer in the fashion industry, you might begin in a state of being lost from the start.

Victoria Barbara has some majorly impressive credentials as a fashion blogger and fashion industry influencer with over 1 million followers, earning nearly 4 million weekly impressions on Instagram at @officialvictoriabarbara.

After interviewing Victoria Barbara, sort of inadvertently, we ended up arriving at a simple and understandable process one can follow in their quest to successfully become and remain a relevant influencer in the fashion industry.


We live in what can sometimes be a crazy, fast-paced world, yet, when we’re pursuing our dreams, it can often seem like a lonely experience. However, it’s crucial in these moments (and in your pursuit ofb becoming an influencer, to reach your hand out, both to those who have walked the path you’re about to embark upon as well as those who will come after you.

Remember that you’re not doing this alone and it would be impossible to do something like becoming a successful and relevant influencer in the fashion industry without guidance and inspiration from others experiencing success in the same realm and verticals.

I asked Victoria to list a few of her personal favorite influencers and she said:”

”There are so many – just to name a few would be stylish mom-of-two/fashion-blogger @vikyandthekid for her chic yet modest looks. [For] simple, sophisticated beauty, @victoriabeckhambeauty, [and for] wellness, @Goop!”


As an influencer, it’s equally as crucial to make connections online and at events where you can interact and interface with industry players at various levels of success. In 2019 alone, Victoria attended PFW, MFW, and NYFW consecutively for a number of luxury brands, which ended up being a major brand-building collection of experiences — and all done in one calendar year.

Victoria has been active in 2020, too.

“During Paris Fashion Week this year in 2020, I attended both the Givenchy and Proenza Schouler shows; both brands which resonate with my social media presence and following.”


Victoria stresses that success never comes from one quality alone. Being persistent yet polite and approachable while having a tireless work ethic and explosive charm will all work in your favor in breaking through as a fashion industry influencer.


In previous interviews, Victoria has spoken at length about opening up and being 100% authentic with your growing audience in order to establish lasting brand loyalty.

Victoria adds that it’s important to address health, wellness, and mindfulness in her content. “Meditation is my method of choice for silencing the mind and practicing self-care. Everyone is different and should aim for the routine that they feel brings them the best results.”

Victoria Barbara can be followed on Instagram at @officialvictoriabarbara. Her platform is a fantastic place to start for new inspiration and direction to utilize on your new path to becoming an influencer.