How eating differently has changed my life

Eliminating all gluten, wheat, preservatives, genetically modified foods, and all chemicals in my food,  has provided me a new lease on life. It reset my blood sugar and blood pressure levels and it improved my vision.

It also has reversed numbness in extremities, stopped damage to my kidneys, pancreas, arteries, and more.

It has relieved incontinence  and fibromyalgia, brain fog, moodiness, sluggishness, swelling, lethargy, depression and has helped me loose 55 pounds and one shoe size in nine months.

I also was able to pass the state driver’s license eye exam without glasses. I have worn glasses since 8th grade. My vision at one time was 223 over 20.

So how did I stumble on this  cure?

I certainly never thought that any of maladies were related. I just learned to cope with everything that ailed me, on a day- to-day basis.

That is until the day that I received an MRI in the mail.

Here is what Cynthia Lynn looked like prior to educating herself.  She is holding her grandkids.
Here is what Cynthia looked like prior to educating herself about food. She is holding her grandchildren.

I had been complaining of a tugging in my right side that usually happened after I ate.

I went back to my surgeon that had removed my gall bladder. I saw him several times over the course of many years,  as I was worried that he might have left something behind.

He assured me that it was not the case, but thought that it could be scar tissue being aggravated.

The pain persisted over the years and eventually got worse- sometimes it felt like a sucking pressure.

I finally went to my doctor, who ordered the MRI. And the results changed my life.

The report stated, “patient suffers from a severe wheat allergy that appears to be destroying the lower intestine.”

That did it for me.

I called my doctor,  who told ne not to worry about it because there is medicine for that. I said, “No way. I’m going to stop eating the wheat.”

My doctor said it would be too difficult to do that.  I said that nothing could stop me if it will save my life.

So off I set on an unimaginable journey that has changed my life.

April 2012: Day One – no wheat. I guess that means no gluten….so I start reading labels….unbelievable. Almost every label that I read had gluten something, whether it was in it’s pure form and stated plainly, or in code, such as hydrogenated , msg, natural flavors, etc.

Here is Cynthia with her husband after educating herself and eating healthier.
Cynthia with her husband after educating herself and eating healthier.

I found it in all the places you expect it, but also in my ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, the glue on envelopes and stamps, almost all prepared foods, shampoos, cream rinses, soap and toothpaste.

On day eight,  I woke up shaking uncontrollably. I thought we were were having an earthquake.

At some point I realized that it was me that was shaking and instinctively started drinking orange juice and eating chocolate bars.

My husband took my blood sugar- it was 39.

This is very strange for someone with Type 2 diabetes. I am lucky to keep it out of the 200’s and count myself successful if I can keep it in the 120-130 range.

At a blood sugar rate of 39 you run the risk of heart failure. My husband rushed me to my favorite emergency clinic, and I was seen immediately.

The doctor checked me out. My blood sugar was now 43. The doctor  then asked if I had changed anything. I said not really.

I said I had just stopped eating wheat and gluten because of the report I was sent by the radiologist.

He said, ” You can ‘t do that. You are diabetic. If you do that, you will over medicate, and you won’t need medicine anymore.”

I was too shocked to speak for a moment. Then I said, “Do you mean that I could have been spared the pain and damage to my body for the last nine years if I had been told this then? Why didn’t someone tell me?”

“Because FDA hasn’t approved it as a remedy for diabetes ,” he said.

I was intermittently heartbroken and furious. I thanked him. He told me to stop taking the medication altogether, and check back with him in a few weeks.

I left resolved to do something. I was going to educate myself and my family as thoroughly as possible and to spread the word.

My first stop was my computer. At that time there was nothing online that really spoke of this cause and effect.So I started researching this phenomenon in other countries. Since I was raised in Germany, I started there.

And what I found, shook me to the ground. It appeared that in Germany, 80 percent of the cases of Type 2 diabetes were caused by wheat and gluten allergies.

The standard treatment is to take the patient off of wheat and gluten as soon as they are diagnosed.

Being a country with socialized medicine , it began to make sense. Why would they continue to pay for a disease they could cure ?

To be continued….

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  • March 9, 2013 at 1:42 AM

    I wish I’d known that I was allergic to gluten years ago. I recently discovered a one to one relationship between eating something with wheat in it and hives and migraines My gastroenterologist wouldn’t test for gluten allergy because I’d gone off gluten three weeks before, but since the treatment is the same either way, he said it didn’t matter. The discovery of a connection between migraines, hives and gluten charges up my hope for vibrant health. I am grateful to you who have led the way. Your story is inspiring!

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