Guide to Clenbuterol use

Clenbuterol comes on the top when we talk about bodybuilding supplements especially in terms of their popularity. Although we are talking mainly about bodybuilding it should be pointed out that a few of them have a place in medicine. This drug for instance, is prescribed for asthma patients. Throughout the use, the transportation of oxygen is increased resulting in better aerobic capability and performance. Both metabolism rate and blood pressure will be better thanks to the use of clenbuterol. The body gets ready for training and competitions by this kind of stimulation. More open lungs and increased pulls permit your body for a higher intake of oxygen. If you are part of fitness, you can use it to get rid of additional fat and build a nice-looking physique.

Advantages of Clenbuterol

If you want to get clenbuterol for sale you first need to know its advantages and disadvantages (negative effects). Let’s see what it can do. Main benefits are:

  • Increased energy
  • increased metabolism rate
  • reduced hunger
  • oxygen transportation
  • fat burn
  • weight-loss

As we said before, metabolic rate is increased as well as the body’s temperature level. You can expect to lose a few pounds in places where it is impossible to lose fat. Transport of oxygen enables your body to recover more and to sustain more difficult and longer workouts.

Doses and cycles of clenbuterol

This topic is the most essential subject regarding clenbuterol. The reason for that is, if you do not have a proper cycle and dosages or if you don’t follow them properly you will experience negative effects that should be avoided at any cost. The most typical cycle is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. It is suggested not to take any kind of steroids during those 2 weeks off. You initially start with a low dosage that is slowly increased till the 14-day mark. If you want to experience excellent results, the length of an entire cycle should be at least 8 weeks. The yearly limit is 16 weeks, any more than that will just do the opposite. The male dosage is around 40 mg per day while females start with 20mg. It is available in the type of tablets that are taken with water. Due to its half-life of 8 hours, it is possible to take it 2 times a day. You need to take it before hitting the gym.

Negative effects that may appear

When it comes to steroids, it should be clear to you that each one of them can cause negative effects. Thankfully clenbuterol does not have extremely negative effects. First comes an increased heart rate which means that people who have any problems with the heart should avoid it. Most of the time during the cycle you will have higher blood pressure. Since this is an oral type of drug, your liver will suffer. Tremors and insomnia are also part of it but they won’t last longer than 30 to 40 hours. You can avoid all of this by sticking to your dosages and cycle. Bigger and more often doses won’t bring faster and better results.