Five Essential Factors to Consider When purchasing Door Screen Magnetic Closure for Your Home

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Everyone needs to keep our houses clean of dust and keep insects from entering the house, right? Did you know you can easily do this by installing a door screen magnetic closure? Imagine having two curtains that close right after entering or leaving the house. Sounds great? That’s how a magnetic screen door works.

With a magnetic screen door, your kids and pets can go in and out without the struggle of reaching the door locks and handles. They will also be safe from injuries that can happen when they are opening or closing the door. Here are a few tips to use when deciding on the best magnetic screen door:

1. Size Of Your Door Frame

The top advantage of having a door screen magnetic closure is to keep away annoying bugs, dust, and dirt from entering the house. So, you need to buy one that fits the size of your door frame. Don’t settle for the standard size because one size doesn’t fit all door frames.

Before buying the magnetic screen door, know the width and length of your door frame. If you can’t find the exact fit, choose a bigger size than the door frame because you can fold the ends when installing to make it fit.

2. Buy From Sources That Offer A Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Choose a seller that provides at least a 30 days return policy, and so that if it doesn’t work as you had wished, you can return it.

Also, note that some products can come with manufacturing defects; that’s why it’s good to buy from a seller who can give you a replacement warranty. With this warranty, you can return your magnetic screen door if it fails because of a manufacturing defect and get a replacement.

3. Consider The Material Used

If you want more natural light in the house, you can opt for polyester material, and if you want your home to have more fresh air, choose fiberglass material.

If you have small kids and pets in the house, check if the material used is kids and pet-friendly. Always choose a durable, high-quality material, especially if you live in an area with high traffic.

Also, magnetic screen doors come in different colors; you can choose your favorite color or one that complements the theme color of your house.

4. Check That Everything That You Need For Fasting Is There

Magnetic screen doors come with hook and loop roll, tucks, and a video tutorial for the installation process. Please choose a screen door with a heavy magnetic closure to ensure that it closes quickly, seals tighter, and can handle stronger breezes.

5. Check The Maintenance Instructions

Magnetic screen doors need proper maintenance for them to last long. It needs regular cleaning to keep its original color and make it look attractive. When cleaning, do not apply pressure on the screen door as the materials can be damaged easily.

Also, do not use harsh chemicals, machine wash, or put it in a dryer as all this will can weaken the screen door and

Take Away

When choosing a door screen magnetic closure buy what fits your home best, consider all the above factors, and you’ll get the best option.

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