Finding a Quality HVAC Provider in Medford Oregon

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Living in Medford Oregon has many perks, including their temperate climate. While it doesn’t get much colder than an average of freezing temps during the winters, and normally around 93 in the summer, it still can get pretty warm or still cold enough to cause health problems and freeze. That being said, it’s important that you have a good HVAC system installed into your home, to keep you warm in the winter, but also to keep you cool in the summer. Well, in this guide, we’ll help you find a good quality HVAC provider in the Medford area for your custom HVAC needs.

What Can a Good Medford HVAC Specialist Provide?

When it comes to HVAC solutions, there are numerous types of work that they should be able to do, as well as what is going to fit inside your home the best. You have geothermal heating and cooling (using geothermal heating and geothermal cooling methods to heat and cool your ground directly from deep into the earth’s crust), ductless heating and cooling options, conventional central air conditioning, and of course standard heating and cooling solutions.

They shouldn’t just offer to install these, but a good HVAC technician is a licensed and certified contractor that has the ability to provide diagnostic services, repair services, and have regular maintenance programs in place to make sure your equipment continuously works as expected.

Making Sure They’re Certified and Insured

When you’re going to hire a contractor for your air conditioning or your heating needs, you want to make sure that they’re not only certified contractors fully licensed in the state of Oregon, but also that they have insurance so you’re not liable for anything that may happen. HVAC can be a dangerous job, and that’s why you should always hire an HVAC professional.

Not only that, but you also want professionals that can handle installing innovative 21st Century technology no matter whether your HVAC solutions are powered by natural gas, electricity, or even both combined. You can have custom systems installed that even offer things like Wi-Fi controlled temperatures and specially made vent systems that can maximize the heating and cooling efficiency in your home so you can further save on your utilities.

Conclusion: What is Advanced Air & Metal?

Advanced Air & Metal ( is one of the Medford area’s top HVAC teams, with 100% N.A.T.E. certified and fully insured technicians on staff to be able to handle numerous types of repairs and installations of all of the above-mentioned heating and cooling methods. The company has been around since the early 1990s, and the two company owners that started the business have been dedicated to growing and improving their services available, as well as growing their team to nearly 40 professionals that can handle various types of work.

From installation to service and repair, engineering, and all of the office work, they’ve become the top heating and cooling company in all of Southern Oregon. They’ve even provided heating and cooling solutions for some of the top nonprofit organizations in the area as well, as they believe in making you feel like you’re a part of the family. Head over to Advanced Air and Metal’s website and see for yourself what makes them the best HVAC company in Southern Oregon!