Dream Job Blueprint: How to Choose a Career Path You’ll Love

Everybody wants a career, but not everybody knows what it should be at first. For many young adults finding the right path is no mean feat. After studying anything and everything at school, you face the hard choice of choosing a profession you feel will define you or even might constrict you to a particular field. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. With some careful planning and consideration of options you’ll be able to find a flexible career path that will enable you to feel more comfortable with your choices – and here’s how.

Pinpoint What Makes You Happy

If you feel you’re interested in more than one thing and still not sure which career to pursue, you have to take some time to prioritize. Think about what makes you happy and what job satisfaction means to you. Research has proven that most employees value the fact that they are able to do what they love and do best over financial compensation or other similar perks. The point is to figure out what you wouldn’t mind doing day after day, bearing in mind that even those tasks can be dull sometimes and you’d rather be doing something else, but it would be worth it. The good news is there are personality assessments and career exploration apps to help you along the way.

Your Industry of Choice

There are ways to avoid feeling confined to a particular industry. Your education type doesn’t fit one particular slot, and there are always more choices out there waiting to be discovered. In fact, many of your skills are transferable from one industry to another, and a bit of research will surely uncover options you might not have been aware of up to that point. Think objectively about your skills, the ones you have and the ones you would like to gain and perfect. Also, do a little soul-searching and try to define what it is that fulfills you. If you like to help people, you have a wide range of options. Becoming a doctor is the most prominent one, but you don’t only have to deal with the physical aspect of it. Choose a rewarding career in mental health or social services to really make a difference in people’s lives. Perhaps you’d rather help animals, or deal in science or craft. The important thing is, to sum up, your strengths and find a niche that will somehow include what you can and love to do.

Get Insider Info

Once you know the direction you’d like to take, it’s time to make sure that is what you really want. One of the best ways to do this is by conducting informational interviews. Unfortunately, not everyone is eager to take this step in their career research. An informational interview means you’ll need to find someone who actually has experience in the career you are interested in and ask them about it. Many people find this awkward and shy away from it, but what’s really odd is applying for a job you know little about and just hoping for the best. This is very likely to lead to great dissatisfaction. Instead, write a great email expressing interest in a particular line of work, schedule a meeting and get all the information first hand. Many experts are actually glad when someone takes an interest in their profession.

Do an Internship

Doing an internship is a great way to get the inside scoop. This way, you’ll definitely get the experience of working in the real world, but without a long-term, commitment. Not only will you be able to discover what the job really feels like, but you’ll also find out about all the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team, learn how to manage problems and cooperate with others, as well as adjust to given circumstances. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to make valuable connections with professionals and the experience will be a great asset to your resume. There’s also a chance to make some extra money since there are many paid internship options.

Look for Career Development

Once you make your choice, try to find an organization that will allow you to grow even further. Having an opportunity to develop will always provide a sense of freedom and you’ll feel much happier knowing you have more options available. While researching companies, enquire about training and development policies. If you feel that the ones without training opportunities put you off, it might be better for you to keep looking for a working environment that will enable your further professional growth.

Even though choosing the right career path is not easy, and there is a possibility you’ll change your mind at some point, you should never feel trapped in a job of your first choice. Always leave room for change and development, stay informed and don’t hesitate to thoroughly research the profession you see yourself in. Sometimes a desire for change comes after you’ve gained some experience at a certain position and you should never be afraid to explore the job market for a post that will make you happier and fulfilled.