Don’t get trampled for the perfect gift

So you’ve eaten the turkey, unbuttoned your pants, and now it’s time to start Christmas shopping. If you are like me, you’ve already gotten most of your Christmas shopping done because you are a freak. But if you are a normal person, you probably were waiting until the craziness of Thanksgiving died off before starting to shop for loved ones.

Holiday shopping is a double-edged sword – you can shop without paying a shipping fee, but you also risk the chance of being trampled to death by hoards of anxious Christmas shoppers. In the spirit of not being dead for Christmas, I decided to do the majority of my holiday shopping online. Not only can you still get most of the good deals but you can find rare items, which is good if your fiancé gave you a shopping list of items you’ve never heard of before (like me).

While I enjoy getting people the gifts they asked for, I also like finding little fun things for them to open and be surprised by. Below is my mini gift-guide of some of the funniest and rarest items I’ve found so far and where you can check them out.

Etsy Shop “Layered and Long” – This store has a ton of really cool hammered metal jewelry that you can personalize with whatever you want, and the price is very nice if you want to get a pretty stocking stuffer for a woman in your life.

Tired of eating the same meals for dinner over and over again? Roll out these foodie dice and you or your spouse will never have to brainstorm an original meal again.

For the social media lover, this #HashtagADay journal might actually get them to pick up a pencil instead of a stylus – at least once a day. Pick a hashtag to describe your day and then expand up to four more lines.

An item that encourages men to clean but disguised as a gift? Um, yes please. This wooden grill cleaner looks cool while also getting the job done.

I love pretty much everything on this site (they only sell t-shirts and sweatshirts) but the workout tees are the best. Get a workout in just by laughing at this “I Work Out” tank from Thug Life Shirts.

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen this year – a 3-D printing pen. The 3Doodler prints out as you are drawing. I had to watch the video to understand it but once I did…mind blown.

What is Christmas without the gift of an ornament? These ornaments from Paloma’s Nest are so simple and beautiful, they can’t help but stand out on your tree.

Let the quiet one in your family express themselves through Scrabble with this vintage magnetized Scrabble set from Perpetual Kid.