Different Types of Van Insurance Covers to Go For

Finding the best van insurance cover often comes down to your awareness of what’s available in the market. While there are several types of covers, finding the one that suits you the most will take some time. The good thing is that you can use online comparison sites that not only educate you about different options, but also help you find a cheaper quote online. Here are some important covers you may want to include in your policy.  

Tool Cover

This insurance cover replaces stolen or criminally damaged tools. Generally this does not pay if the loss is overnight in your driveway. That requires separate cover. Neither does it cover for wear and tear damage to tools or equipment. Claims in instances of intentional damage to tools or equipment often need a police report. Depending on your cover and how much you pay, you can be free to choose your own replacements offering an opportunity to upgrade, or be required to make like for like purchases including equal value at the time of the original purchase.

Windows and Windscreen Cover

This cover is usually a part of general van insurance yet some insurance providers offer it as a separate cover. Again, it is a service designed to keep you motoring short term. Pay more and you’ll get the whole screen replaced by mobile workshop.

Personal Belonging Cover

This cover bears the cost of replacing your personal possessions if they are stolen or damaged while in the van, including your mobile phone. This is particularly useful if you also use your van for personal or recreational use.

Lost Keys Cover

Losing keys is a pain and now so many are digital fobs they can be expensive to replace and leave you seriously inconvenienced. As usual cover differs. The more the convenience, the greater the premium from replacing a key from the manufacturer to having a new fob couriered to any location to get you moving again. As an incentive to hand in lost keys, some companies provide a small label with a phone number and ID to attach to your keychain and offer a small reward to the finder.

Multi-Van Cover

If you are using multiple vans for your business then you can opt for a multiple vehicle plan. It often works out cheaper with greater incentives the more vehicles you insure. Depending on your needs, multivan policies are available for you as the sole driver of different vehicles, or if you have several vehicles your employees use regularly as part of their work. As usual, premiums can are influenced wildly by your age, driving experience and history. 

Haulage and Courier

This insurance policy covers vans that are used for transporting goods long distances including intercity and overseas.

Own Goods

If you are driving your van and use it for relocating and transporting your own business goods, such as deliveries of your product, you can opt for this van insurance policy. Bakeries and florists many find this useful.