Diamond In The Rough

“Aww she’s beautiful!!!!!!” they all exclaimed
To be a beautiful woman was her destiny
Destined for great things her parents proclaimed
She grew up faster than the eyes could see

By the time she hit high school
She had grown men crawling at her feet
She could play them all for fools
And still manage to remain sweet

She met the man she thought she would marry
Settle down to build a family and a home
After two years and two kids she carried
Daddy left them all alone

She had to get on welfare just to pay the bills
Doing this on her own is just too much for her to cope
Slowly but surely she’s losing her will
Her world closing in she decided to turn to dope

Now that beautiful woman is dying inside
Running from things from which she can not hide
Feeling like life has dealt her nothing but lies
She leaves behind two children and a wounded pride