Cities where famous movies were filmed

The whole world knows about the glamorous industry of making movies in America. The gorgeous stars, the witty lines, the flashy outfits, and the opulent lifestyle. Everybody knows this scene, and everyone has dreamed of living that particular fabulous life. However, the image would not be complete without a zillion other details that we usually take for granted. This is the case for any American movie location.

What impact would The Texas Chainsaw Massacre have without the Austin, Texas background? How would have the Dirty Dancing romance work out, if not placed in the Mountain Lake Lodge Hotel of Virginia? Or how would the ups and downs of life in chains have looked like for The Shawshank Redemption, would it not have been for the Ohio Reformatory? Here is a tribute to some of the most popular filming locations and events scattered around the US, though leaving aside the two giants of movie filming, LA and NYC.

Las Vegas

We wanted to start with this popular destination that people worldwide come to, most of them simply to have fun. From the endless attractions it offers, besides the renowned casinos, you should also do the following. Check out the best Las Vegas show tickets for you. As some of the best shows and concerts on Earth take place exclusively here. If you want to take a break from all that Las Vegas has to offer, you could go on a tour of famous places seen in movies. And for that matter, you can choose from any type of genre: The Hangover for a laugh out loud comedies, going to more serious scenes, without totally leaving out the humor in Ocean’s Eleven, addressing the gambling issues in 21 or Rain Man and finishing as a superhero with scenes from Iron Man. Because when it comes to entertainment, Las Vegas really has it all.

San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably one of the most iconic scenery seen in movies. The hairpins on Lombard Street present some of the most sought after car chases scenes. The Victorian style house where the on-screen couple Andi Garcia-Meg Ryan battled her drinking problems in When a man loves a woman is a San Francisco representative landmark. You can also take a trail of all the places Will Smith took care of his kid in the Pursuit of Happiness. Also, a bunch of superheroes found a home on the San Francisco hills, naming just a few: Ant Man and the Wasp, Hulk, the latest Bumblebee, Batman Forever, and even Indy found the Lost Ark starting here.


With a combined count of 42 nominations and 6 Oscar wins filmed in the state of Maryland, the majority of movie scenes were filmed in Baltimore. The first trivia would be that, unfortunately, although the action of the 2018 Oscar winner, Shape of Water, is set in Baltimore, it was actually filmed in Canada. But, there were plenty of other successful screenings, such as Jackie with a glowing Natalie Portman in the lead role. One of the most renowned visiting sites in the city, the Senator Theatre, where countless premieres have taken place, also makes an appearance in Twelve Monkeys, the film we’re all thankful for because it has given us Brad Pitt. And, of course, the controversial character of Borat, also has been seen strolling the Baltimore streets.


We couldn’t have missed this landmark in movie history, seeing how the frontispiece of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, right after jogging up the numerous steps, there is a statue dedicated to the most famous boxer of all times, Rocky Balboa. And it has a stunning resemblance to Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III. Complete a leisure walk by punching the cooked meat in a traditional butchery and heal your wounds with Pat’s Philly cheesesteak.


You can easily occupy a couple of weekends just by going through all of Ben Affleck-directed movie, in order to spot the scenery, first-hand, in Boston’s streets. Also, if you can take your eyes of DiCaprio and Matt Damon’s brilliant performance in The Departed, you can observe the city’s typical architecture. Not to mention the savory lines of Good Will Hunting surrounded by the same Boston atmosphere.