Chocolate and Cannabis: A Match Made In Heaven

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With the legalization of cannabis in select states in the US and every Canadian province, a more sophisticated market is opening up to provide healthy, delicious options for those who do not wish to smoke weed in its “flower” form. In Canada, cannabis is legally available only in the form of flower and oils at present, but 2019 will see a slew of quality curated cannabis goods in edible form entering the market.

While specialty retailers will be offering cannabis products in the form of flavor neutral additives that buyers will be able to integrate with their favorite meals and drinks, delicious pre-made products like chocolates, gummies, seasoned nuts and infused teas will be available as well.

Traditionally, chocolate brownies have been the standard cannabis edible, since they can be easily baked with special butter. If the new legal cannabis markets are emphasizing chocolate products, it’s because chocolate and cannabis is a match made in heaven. In this post, we’ll explore the long-celebrated relationship.

Chocolate’s Effect on Mind & Body

First off, in a purely physical sense, quality chocolate in reasonable doses can mildly reduce blood pressure, improve brainpower and memory, and promote cardiovascular health. Dark chocolate is also rich in fat (the good kind), which means you will feel fuller for longer after consuming.

Secondly, certain compounds in cacao trigger a release of serotonin and endorphins, giving you a mild high. Chocolate also reduces cortisol (the dreaded stress hormone) levels, which is why eating high-grade chocolate makes you feel really, really good.

We sometimes forget that the foundation of chocolate is simply seeds from a fruit-bearing tree. Much in the same way that coffee “beans” are seeds from the fruit of green coffee plants, pulped, shipped overseas and roasted, cacao is an organic product of nature that humans have been enjoying in a myriad of forms for many years. In this and other respects, there is an obvious kinship between chocolate and cannabis.


While, of course, the properties of cannabis in chocolate products will produce a more noticeable effect than that a mild chocolate buzz, you can see now how the relationship between the two is a bit like an alley-oop. That said, if you are new to cannabis and trying it for the first time, or you simply prefer a mellower experience, the beauty of legalized, standardized products is that you will be able to access chocolates with low THC, or CBD rich chocolates that give you the added health benefits of cannabidiol.

The beauty of this combination is that when you get home after a long week of work, you can enjoy a delicious snack and then sink into a relaxing evening watching movies with your partner, or staring at the stars and contemplating the universe.

Along with chocolate, cannabis can reduce stress and combat anxiety and depression. While everyday use is not recommended without the green light from your doctor, indulging once or twice a week may make you feel lighter, more relaxed, increasingly open-minded and more creative. So, take advantage of legalization and try the divine combination of chocolate and cannabis today!