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Charm City Strikes Again

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh and her miscreant gang of public officials are at it again.  Fear not, Charm City is fresh out of Confederate statutes to plunder in the wee hours of the night.  No, this time Baltimore officials are going after the Trump Administration for trying to curtail legal immigrants from utilizing “public benefits, a regulatory action which is quite lawful.

Seems in the upside down world of Baltimore, where the needs of black citizens are seemingly an afterthought, City officials are more concerned about scamming the government out of resources so they can be used to help legal immigrants sidestep the “self-sufficient” rule they agreed to as part of the federal visa process.  Baltimore is already a sanctuary for Hispanic illegal aliens, now the enlightened elected leadership wants to expand their sanctuary portfolio to include wayward legal immigrants working on their path to citizenship.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Mayor Pugh and staff thought this lawsuit up all by themselves.  Nope, the real “brains” of this operation is none other than CASA of Maryland, the Baltimore taxpayer-subsidized illegal alien support group.  CASA’s senior director for organizing points out in a Washington Post interview (“Baltimore sues over bid to cut legal immigration”, November 29, 2018), that “any decision to forgo public benefits would have far-reaching consequences since many state programs are funded according to enrollment”.  Basically, without legal immigrants scamming the system, Baltimore can’t legally justify getting ever-increasing amounts of federal and state government funding.  As a taxpayer, I like the sound of that!


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